How To Start Your Own Birthday Party Decoration Business

Birthday Party Decoration Business

There has been a push recently for people to look for personalized or handmade goods over mass-produced ones. This is the reason sites like Etsy have millions of people shopping there. Rather than head to Amazon to buy something mass produced, they are looking for something that has character and is unlike ones you see everywhere.

If you have a knack for design, then designing and selling handmade party decorations is a great small business idea. In this article, we will go over what you need to know to start your own party decoration business from home.

Get equipped

To be productive as possible, it makes sense to have tools to use to make your creations. Start out with some good designing software such as Adobe Illustrator or something similar. There is a learning curve to be able to master these programs but once you have it figured out your life will be much easier.

Then, having a way to scan and even cut your templates is going to be a huge time saver. Cutting banners and shapes out by hand is not going to work as it will take too long to get items ready to ship for it to be profitable.

Electronic cutting machines are one of the best tools you have at your disposal to be able to make your creations quickly and precisely.

Test viability

Before you can know if you have a business on your hands, you have to test it out. There needs to be a market for what you are doing. There is a lot of competition for party goods out there so you will have to see if your designs can stand out.

Try putting them up on Etsy to get started. Have a well designed and fleshed out storefront that is attractive ands shows exactly what people will get with an order. It is not easy to stand out so you may need to runs some ads in the beginning to get the ball rolling. If you start getting orders and good feedback then it means you have a foundation on which to build.

Start your own website

Etsy fees can be high and really cut into your profit margin. When you have your own website you get to keep almost all of the purchase price minus some expenses.

The one problem with having a website where people can buy your creations is to get enough traffic. Use social media, a Youtube channel and even some paid ads to create a following so you can build an email list.

Then when everything is growing you will see some sales start coming in. It takes a while to build, but once things start moving it can take off quickly after. The real key is in the email list. When you have people that like what you’re doing and are willing to give you their email then it is easy to market to them.

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