How To Decorate Your Display Cabinet In Extraordinary Ways

display cabinet

A display cabinet is an extra display space that is great for styling fancy plates, ornaments, and small decor pieces. From modern designs to ornate old woods, display cabinets are a timeless piece of furniture that can fit into any home. If you are looking for ways to style and decorate your display cabinet in extraordinary ways, you have come to the right place. Let’s get into it.

Balance and symmetry

Whether your display cabinet is big or small, it is good for the decor to be balanced. The symmetrical look is key for a stylish and modern display cabinet. Instead of placing objects anywhere, think about their purpose, size, and color. Giving them an ordered approach will create a harmonious look. Otherwise, the display cabinet can end up looking chaotic.

Vintage style

If you enjoy the appeal of reclaimed wood furniture, then you will understand the appeal of trawling charity shops and second-hand emporiums for pretty porcelain pieces. Vintage or anything of age doesn’t mean your display unit has to be twee–like mixing patterns, keep colors similar and patterns similar too, and watch them enjoy a new life on your display cabinet.

Add something unusual

A great way of helping a display cabinet stand out is to add something ‘different’ that maybe you wouldn’t consider in its rightful place. For example, artwork in the kitchen or a dashing sculpture or two.

Use lights

Adding pretty lighting to a display cabinet, such as rgb LED strip lights, fairy lights weaved into the mesh of lanterns or a larger table lamp to illuminate the display cabinet and its content. In essence, adding light, items that link and connect not only together in the cabinet but across the rest of the room, along with a dash of symmetry will see your display cabinet, contemporary styled or otherwise, ooze with glamour and sophistication.

Background display

If you like fun textures and bold colors, you may want to jazz up your display cabinet with a background display. This is a DIY job but it can be easy. Simply detach the shelves and add wallpaper, a sheet of color vinyl, or anything you like, then re-attach the shelves. You could make it colorful and totally unique. If you want to add a unique twist but more minimal, you could add a mirror. This will make the home feel lighter as light bounces off of mirrors, and also the mirror backing will also double up as space you can check out your outfit or hair.

Use it as a bookshelf

For those who are into books or love displaying books, a display cabinet is a unique way of arranging your books. Using glass doors will mean you can see the books without having to open the doors to find what you need. Glass doors can open up space, maximize your space, and make finding your books easier than ever.

An inside garden

You can bring your garden inside by using your display cabinet as a gardening space. Most shelves are big enough to hold small potted plants. Display cabinets are good for containing a lot of stuff within a given space. Before you know it, your glass cabinet will be flourishing with life. Make sure the glass cabinet is in an area where your plants will still get a sufficient amount of sunlight. If you can’t, try investing in small plants that thrive in the shade. Putting your plants on a glass display cabinet will give your room a more modern yet down-to-earth feeling. As far as style is concerned, a little bit of nature can go a long way.

Use it as a bar

A display cabinet is a great place to store your favorite drinks. You could store your favorite drinks here as well as use it as a space to serve. On one shelf you could store your favorite glassware, on another shelf you can store your cocktail mixers and measurers, then on another shelf can be your drinks. If you have guests over it is a great social space and your guests can choose a drink of choice.

Display your memories

A display cabinet does not just have to be for displaying art, crockery, glassware, or books, it can be used to display your favorite memories. For instance, if you have been on several travels and have trinkets, photos, and special ornaments from those countries, a display cabinet is a great space to add culture to your home. You could have each shelf dedicated to your favorite places.


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