How To Deal With A Disrespectful Grown Child

Disrespectful Grown Child

The life of a parent is a very tough journey. It has its good days and certainly bad ones as well. One such tough situation is a child who grows up to be disrespectful. No matter how you have brought up your child, there always is this possibility.

The parents are always in search of techniques and tips on how to deal with a disrespectful grown child. Here below are some of the most time-tested and credible techniques that are often suggested by psychologists.

Learn to be Patient

The first thing to learn and practice while dealing with grown children who ignore their parents and are disrespectful to them is patience. It is the key and forms the base for solving the problem.

It is very important to be patient and kind towards such children. It is because they, being adults, can do things that might have a lasting impact and which they will regret later on in life. Moreover, losing patience and being angry at them would result in an undesired reaction.

Understand the Cause of Disrespect

As dealing with any problem, identifying the root cause is the foremost step. There are numerous reasons for the way they are behaving. It does not necessarily imply that there is a fault in the parents. The reasons might not have to do anything with them.

As a child steps into practical life, the bubble of the perceived world bursts. They realize that whatever they thought was wrong. Additionally, they might be overwhelmed by what is happening in their life.

Another common reason for such behavior is that they might be going through some trauma or difficult phase in life and might not be able to open up to somebody. Therefore, they vent out their feelings in the form of disrespect.

Talk to Them

More often than not, a grown child just wants to be understood. However, they cannot find anybody to talk to. Therefore, the parents must give ample time to them. They must talk to them and have discussions about their behavior.

This will not only help both of them understand their perspective and how they feel about it but also develop a sense of trust. The child might open up about the mental health problems they are facing, which might be the cause.

Change the Parenting Style

As the behavior of grown children disrespecting parents is different than others, there is a dire need to change your parenting style. Making slight changes can have a great impact on your relationship with the child.

These changes can be defining clear boundaries and making the child understand that those cannot be crossed. Additionally, you can be more assertive in order to stop them from disrespecting but also allow them to have sufficient freedom in their life.


Such difficult situations are part of a parent’s life. One cannot avoid them. However, one must learn to deal with them in the right manner. These were some of the tips. However, consulting your family therapist would be the best option in case the situation cannot be handled.


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