How to Choose the Right Door Handles?

Choose the Right Door Handles

While door handles are small items to buy, they play an essential role in your home’s safety, privacy, and security. Moreover, these simple items can boost your rooms’ aesthetics, so make sure that you pick the perfect handle for your door.

It may not be easy to find the right door handles if you have a significant home upgrade project. The best idea is to check out leather handles online. These leathered door handles can make your door and room a lot classier. Meanwhile, below are some things to remember if you are going to buy door handles.

Door handle style

You should treat the door handle buying as if it is another interior design task. You must consider the theme of your house first, then the specific room, and lastly, the door.

If you are going to buy your renovated room a handle for its door, you should consider the designs of the doorknobs or lever around the house, too. For instance, are you going to buy different handles for each door, or going to choose the same design for all doors?

Lever or knob?

Choosing between a lever or knob depends on the function of the door around your house and the design you want. Many people select a lever over a knob as it is easier to turn, making it an excellent option if you have kids or an elderly in your home.

Door structure

If the doors around your home are extra-thick, ensure that the door handle comes with a specific installation kit. You may also want to make sure that the handle you are going to buy is intended for thick doors.

Furthermore, your door may have a single hole for the exterior handle. Instead of creating a new hole for a deadbolt, you may consider installing a keyless deadbolt, saving you some money.


After deciding what door handle to buy, you must determine the function of the door. For hallways and closet doors, you may choose a passage, non-locking handles. For bedrooms and bathrooms, choose a lever or knob with a lock. Choose a non-turning lever or knob for decorative doors, and keyed lever or knob for doors of areas with higher security needs.


Knowing your budget will help you determine how much money you can pay for handles for your doors. For instance, a specific door handle will be heavily used each month; then, a cheap door handle should not be one of your options.

If you are looking for a functional door handle with exquisite design, you check some leather handles online. These handles are elegant and of superior quality, making your door and the room classier. Moreover, since these handles are wrapped in leather, it would be a lot easier to grip, allowing you to open the doors effortlessly.

Imagine your life without door handles. Your privacy and security are surely going to be compromised without them. With door handles you can sleep comfortably at night without worrying about the safety of your family.

Choosing the best handles for your doors should not be stressful. This quick guide should help you decide on how to choose and what hardware to buy. Always remember to put the security on top of your priority as it is their primary purpose.


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