Learning About Different Types of Scissor Lifts

Different Types of Scissor Lifts

A scissor lift is a piece of equipment that is very useful on construction sites. It provides a steady enclosure, safe, and a rising platform, allowing workers to do the tasks at elevated areas, from cable wirings to close inspections.

Scissor lift is machinery equipped with a platform, allowing loads and workers to get to high areas, making it common in most construction sites. Construction lifts come in different types of scissors and boom lifts. However, the two have fundamental differences. Scissor lifts can reach a shorter height and can only move up and down. Moreover, scissor lifts can carry multiple people at once, so it is a more practical and affordable choice for projects where great heights are not an issue.

While lifts can be costly if you are going to buy it, scissor lift hire is available anytime you need it. Below are the four main types of scissor lifts that you can use on your construction projects.

Diesel-powered scissor lift

This is one of the most widely used lifts on many construction sites. It has a cross-braced system, allowing it to reach areas as high as 30 feet. Some models, however, can get around 60 feet. Their design provides them with a bigger aerial platform.

However, a diesel-powered lift can only be used outside as they are noisy and release fumes. So, it needs a well-ventilated environment for the noise to dissipate.

Hydraulic-powered scissor lift

This type of scissor lift is powered by engine-driven or hand-operated hydraulic systems. The pressure on the hydraulic oil in the machine allows the lift to move up and down. The hydraulic-powered scissor lift is easy to operate, and those who are going to use it don’t need a lot of training, making it the simplest option for any lifting needs.

Hydraulic scissors operate slower in colder weather as oil becomes viscous in low temperatures. The latest models don’t have this kind of issue, though. But still, hydraulic lifts are best used for projects where horsepower and speed are not the top concerns.

Rough terrain scissor lifts

If you need a lift in a worksite with slopes and uneven surfaces where the temperature is cold, the rough terrain scissor lift is your best choice. This scissor lift is designed specifically for outdoor terrain.

This lift is equipped with heavy-duty tyres, additional safety gear, and weight capacity. This type of scissor lifts can reach 50 ft in height and 10ft in width. Moreover, the machine is powered by gas, diesel, dual fuel, or liquid propane.

Electric-powered scissor lift

Electric scissor lifts are another commonly used aerial platform machine and an excellent alternative to burning fuel. It offers a silent, powered drive machine, making it the best choice for indoor spaces as it doesn’t emit noise or fumes.

Moreover, electric scissor lifts are smaller than the diesel-powered type, making them useful in smaller spaces.

Choosing the right type of scissor lift is crucial to the success of your project. If you are having a tough time selecting the best lift for your project, you can always ask your scissor lift hire company to guide you in making decisions.

Aside from the source of power and terrain conditions, you should also consider some critical factors, such as lift height and strength, weight and stability of the load, desired platform size, and loading method. Each type has its unique advantages and must be considered in choosing the best one for your project.


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