How Do We Travel Differently Since Lockdown?

Travel Since Lockdown

Much has changed about life since the start of the pandemic, including how people travel. Due to lockdown restrictions, people’s travel habits have changed drastically and it will be interesting to see if these trends will continue once life returns to normal. So, how exactly have our travel habits changed during COVID-19?

Quieter Roads

The most obvious change is that people are traveling in their car much less. With so many people working remotely and restrictions in place, the roads have been incredibly quiet and this could continue with many businesses planning on continuing with remote work. Statistics show that the average usage of private motor vehicles was down 27% compared to pre-pandemic levels and public transport down a staggering 68% – the latter is largely due to fears of transmission on trains, buses etc.

Cycling on the Rise

Cycling, meanwhile, is up 24% with the roads being quieter, people looking for a way to get out the house and exercise and as an eco-friendly way to get around. It is excellent to see so many people exploring out on two wheels, but people will need to be wary once the roads get busier again as cyclists are vulnerable road users.

There are many steps that you can take to be a safe cyclist, but if you are ever involved in an accident that was not your fault, then you may want to speak to a personal injury specialist to see if you can make a claim and receive compensation.

Staycations Surging

Another notable change in travel habits has been the surge in staycations. With restrictions on international travel, people have turned to staying in the UK for their holidays and many have enjoyed the benefits that these can bring. Additionally, many people have opted for “workcations” where they take advantage of being able to work remotely by finding a holiday destination where they can work at the same time.

International Travel Interest

With restrictions slowly lifting, many people are now starting to consider international travel and there have been people that have been saving for a dream trip. Of course, it is important for people to be aware of the rules and regulations surrounding international travel with many measures in place for safety and protection. As you might expect, outdoor holidays and places in nature are looking to be popular as a way for people to enjoy being outside after being cooped up inside so much.

Much has changed about people’s travel habits during COVID-19, particularly with their daily habits with so many people working remotely. With light at the end of the tunnel, it seems that there will be a return to some kind of normality soon but some of these travel habits will have been changed for good particularly if businesses continue with WFH.


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