Why You Should Host Your Next Party at a Rooftop Bar in Sydney

Rooftop Bar in Sydney

If you are planning to host a party, you will never run out of choices in Sydney. After all, the city is the mecca for fun and entertainment. There are tons of venues to choose from in Sydney, and each one has its pros and cons. Luckily, you can easily read the reviews nowadays to see if the experiences of previous guests are up to par. It narrows down your choices of rooftop bars and helps you make a better decision.

But why consider a rooftop Sydney for your party? Here are some of the benefits of holding your celebrations up high:

1. The view

On their downtime, they have plenty of opportunities to take a selfie with the backdrop of skyscrapers and the glowing lights down below. You can see the remnants of the warehouse blocks that have been converted into high-end restaurants, retail shops, and homes. They can take their cocktail and have deep conversations while they watch the horizon. Kensington is also renowned for the Spice Alley where you will find authentic Asian dishes. Nothing like a curry soup, Thai hot and sour soup, or Miso Ramen to help you sober up.

2. Heated pool

If you choose a rooftop bar with a heated pool, then you take your party to a whole new level. The best part is that they can soak even during the winter cold, so you do not have to postpone your celebration to the summer to take advantage of the pool. But make sure to check the weather on the day of the event and plan accordingly.

3. Cocktails

Elevate your guests’ tastes with a wide array of choices for cocktails. They can order Margaritas, Mojitos, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Tom Collins, James Summer Punch, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea, and so many more. Why restrict yourself to beer? They would be talking about your party for a long time and be bragging to their friends about the new cocktail they tasted. Who knows? They may even find their new favorite drink, thanks to you.

4. Custom experience

Holding your party at a rooftop bar rather than doing everything yourself will address a lot of the major issues. The venue will lift most of the heavy burden, leaving you with only a few more things to arrange. The venue also knows how to tailor the experience to your need, and they have the experience to pull off a successful party. Just tell them the theme of your party, and they can offer suggestions for your decors and catering choices. They can also give you a list of their DJs, singers, or party hosts, should you decide to hire one.

If you are looking to infuse history to your party at a rooftop Sydney, the Old Clare Hotel is unlike any other. The hotel is iconic, so your guest will not get lost on the way there. The brick façade harkens back to its working-class origins. Kensington Street in Chippendale used to be a haven for factory workers who were drawn to its cheap alcohol and brothels. Today, the neighborhood is home to glitzy restaurants and cafes and only draws Millennials looking to have a wholesome time.


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