(Homemade) Firearms For You: Why Consider An 80 Percent Lower Jig?

80 Percent Lower Jig

80 Percent Lower Jigs are sophisticated mechanical templates used in making guns, and what is surprising about it is that the process is fast and straightforward. For a building kit that should take much of one’s time, this kit makes it a repeatable and mechanical process for a mere hunk of metal.

While most would rather travel to stores to find the perfect gun for them, the 80 Percent Jig is a purchase worth all the minimal effort and the price tag for several reasons. Nevertheless, why stop going to stores and start ordering jigs for firearms? There are three main reasons as to why one really should start on their gun crafting journey.

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It’s Homemade (By You)

If someone needs to get their hands on a firearm, they would typically visit a gun store to purchase their firearm, and they are right to think this way. After all, this is a fast and convenient service for people to take advantage of. However, this practice abandons the opportunity for the possible gun owner to learn more about their firearms and the parts that serve their purpose. For individuals looking for a hobby, an 80 Percent Jig is the perfect purchase for aspiring gunsmiths.

By making use of lower jig kits for their firearms, not only are they able to build a gun from the comfort of their own home, but it helps wielders to understand the weaponry better. More so, all the parts and an outline are provided for the customer, which makes everything easier.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, the 80 Percent Lower may not seem like that kind of purchase because it requires the final product to be built. Many are intimidated by assembling a gun using a Lower Jig, but this is one practice that gun owners should consider.

Assembling using the lower jig does not require any background experience, just as no license is required to buy one, unlike regular firearms in stores. Therefore, these kits are perfect for beginner gunsmiths who want to know more about how guns are assembled and the purposes of each part. If there is anything one must know before creating one, the basics of firearm assembly are what they must research.

By knowing the basics of assembly, the gun is ready for its maker, and the manufacturer makes the process easy. The kits are complete and made of high-quality material, but they are easily assembled. As a result, one may complete their gun’s frame in under an hour.

The Best Quality, Sustainable Too

As stated, an 80 Percent Lower Jig Kit has all the parts one needs for their homemade firearm, including drill bits, fixture plates, and end mill bits. As for the jigs available from 80 Percent Arms are made of high-quality metals from the United States. These are heavily machined aluminium parts designed to last for more extended periods. The jigs are also made for sustainability with their high durability, as people may recycle one lower jig for another firearm of its type. This means that saving money is possible in the long run.

However, jigs have their limitations as there are specific models designed for particular guns. For example, 80 Percent Arms offers a GST-9 jig and Glock build kit for finishing Glock frames. They also provide AR15 jigs and AR10 jigs designed to mill out 80 Percent AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9 lower receivers for universal mil-spec compatibility. Again, these jigs are specific to the models they are designed for, which is something to remember when buying a jig.

With its incredibly efficient processes and high-quality parts, there is no reason why one should avoid the receiver jig. The fact that Glocks and AR-15 may be made at home is all the more reason for gun owners to become gunsmiths.

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