Holiday Season Is Near – 10 Awesome Gift Ideas


The favorite holiday season of the year is approaching and with it the pressure to come up with awesome gifts for our loved ones.

In case you need some unique gift ideas that will make a lovely gift for someone you love and cherish, this is the only list you’ll ever need.

1. Fill-in-the-blanks book – be the writer of warm messages

Some books don’t have to be too long or too serious to mean something to a person. You can be the perfect writer if you simply write about your feelings about the one who the book is for.

This type of book allows you to express your feelings in an original way, creating a unique book that will decorate the shelf.

2. Mixtape pillow for the 80s fans

It doesn’t matter if you were already born during the 80s or you only saw mixtapes in movies, it doesn’t make it any less cool to give at least a pillow looking like a mixtape as a gift.

Mixtapes were a great expression of love between couples in the 80s but as it’s not possible anymore to make mixtapes for real, then this cute pillow will be a sweet reminder for your partner that you deeply care.

3. A jar of happy notes for every morning

If you want your loved one to start their day with a big smile, some companies can help you select the perfect jar, colors and trim of the notes that will be inside. You can choose how many notes you want to put inside. There can be 30 or 31 notes for every day of the month or even longer.

This type of gift is also perfect for long-distance relationships where you can’t be there by your partner’s side every day. The gift is how you stay connected – every day, your partner can draw a note from the jar and read your message for them. It will put a smile on their face and make them feel closer to you.

4. Personalized coasters as an everyday sweet reminder

Coasters are used practically every day, so it’s a great way to make your loved ones smile by ordering handmade coasters with an engraved message.

You can put an important day or just the year for the two of you (the day when you met or get married) and add your names. The coaster can be round or square and every time your loved one uses them, it will remind them of you in the most positive way.

5. Personalized daily vitamin packs for good health

You probably have a close friend or a family member who’s always saying they feel tired or that they need more sun or energy or even that they have digestion problems.

Show them how you listen to their problems and how thoughtful you are. Give them a personalized vitamin pack where you’ll put a mix of vitamin D, probiotic blend and iron. It will be a good start for them and will really do them good.

6. Fragrance subscription for the indecisive ones

You know how you sometimes get tired of the same perfume but you haven’t run out of yet? Well, if you have a loved one that’s just like that or they constantly switch from one fragrance to another, then they will simply love if you subscribe them for designer fragrances.

There are usually 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions, where your loved one will get 1-3 fragrances each month. They will never get bored and will have the chance to maybe find the one they truly adore.

7. Unusual edible bouquets

It would be really awesome to give your loved one a unique bouquet. Women adore flowers but what if you gave her a bouquet made of edible flowers made of her favorite chocolate? Or maybe a lovely fruit arrangement, as lovely to look at as to eat it.

If your boyfriend or a husband likes cool gifts, the perfect choice would be Christmas gift baskets such as Champagne chocolate bouquets or even a Christmas tree bouquet. Think about what he likes and make sure it’s combined with something sweet and arranged creatively.

8. A Morse code bracelet for a personal message

It’s deeply intimate to give somebody a gift that only the two of you understand. A bracelet is worn both by men and women and if you also add a personal message to it, it carries greater value.

By conveying the message through the Morse code, it will remain secret that only the two of you will know, bringing you closer. The exclusiveness of the gift is what makes it truly precious.

9. Help them find a way home with a compass

Not a lot of people these days know how to use a compass but it’s a great occasion to finally learn it if you give it as a gift to someone you love. Symbolically, you will be helping them find their way back home, to you.

You can find various personalized compasses online, on which you can have a personal message engraved. Alternatively, some pieces come with a leather case or with engraved popular quotes.

10. A fortune cookie that tells only the good part

Fortune cookies can give different news or pieces of advice but yours can give exactly the message you want. A silver-plated fortune cookie is there to stay, while your message can be either a love quote or your prediction on the person’s future.

You can be creative with the way you’ll give the gift – leave the cookie hidden somewhere in the person’s home where you know they will find it eventually. It’s great finding a cute fortune cookie when you don’t expect it, which also brings good news.

Final advice

The most important part when it comes to giving people Christmas gifts during the holiday season is to give them from the heart. People can tell when you put some thought into getting the right gift.

In other words, the better you know the person, the easier it will be for you to come up with the right gift ideas.


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