Dental Health: How Bad Teeth Affect Your Overall Health


Your mouth serves as an entry point into your body. For the most part it’s the entry point for food and water to keep yourself alive. It can also be where helpful bacteria enter your system that help to keep you healthy.

At the same time, our teeth can also be a weak link in our overall health. You may not realize how oral health and your immune system are intertwined.

Your mouth has a lot of bad bacteria in there, too. And if this starts to affect your teeth then you can bet that it is also affecting other areas inside your body.

In this article, I will go over some of the ways your teeth can affect your overall health.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are not just painful when they break through the gums. They can also impact your dental health even when you practice good hygiene.

Wisdom teeth can put pressure on your other teeth which can cause them to get cavities. When your teeth are pushed up against each other, that leaves teeth with areas that can be cleaned. Bacteria gets a foothold and then cavities develop.

Even worse, you can end up with a tooth infection which can spread if you’re not careful. It is recommended to have your wisdom teeth removed even if you don’t think there is a problem there.

Finding a dentist that removes wisdom teeth is easy no matter where you are. Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney is your best bet if you live in Australia.

If you don’t have them removed they will surely cause problems further down the line and can impact how much you enjoy your older years.

What conditions can be caused by poor dental health?

Bacteria is not always your friend. It can start with a cavity and end up causing you a host of problems.

Endocarditis is caused by bacteria entering your bloodstream and affecting the lining of your heart. Essentially it is an infection inside your heart that could easily be prevented by taking care of your teeth. If you have a tooth infection, then don’t delay in getting it taken care of.

Though studies are unclear, there seems to be a link between periodontitis and premature birth in pregnant women. Dental problems are common in pregnant women so it is really important to be seeing your dentist frequently while pregnant.

Since pneumonia is often bacterial, it can be caused by bacteria in your mouth. This chest infection can be fatal in older people so it is really important to treat this with antibiotics as soon as possible. Once again, if you have a tooth infection do not wait to see your doctor or dentist.

Protect your dental health

To make sure that your teeth stay in good health you need to have a comprehensive routine says this dentist in Pasadena. It isn’t enough to just brush your teeth in the morning. Brush twice a day with a good toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush every few months. And always floss to get in between your teeth.

Have regularly scheduled visits to your dentist.


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