The Helpful Guide on Cautions and Cost of Asbestos Removal


Asbestos in your home may demand for removal when the asbestos-containing material gets damaged. Early in 70s, asbestos is the harmful carcinogen which was once used extensively in building materials. You will commonly find this material in the pipe insulation, duct, wall acoustical tiles, ceiling, and vermiculite attic insulation, floor tiles, cement asbestos siding and more. If the asbestos-containing building materials in your home are damaged or flaking out, then it is the time for Asbestos Removal and doing it the right way is necessary to prevent the damages caused by it to your health.

The Asbestos Removal Fundamentals

The Asbestos Removal is the two-step process, of which the first step is to check the material to ensure it comprises of asbestos and second is to remove it professionally with the help of professionals. Below are some crucial points that you must know about the removal process.

  • You are required to approach your regional asbestos program department or the state asbestos administrative department to know about the local regulations and requirements.
  • Look for the accredited and certified asbestos inspectors or the contractors that are trained and licensed to carry out the evaluation and removal process.
  • In some cases, before the removal process, you need to relocate your family temporarily to some other place until the removal process is over.

Hiring the Corrective Action Contactor for Asbestos Removal

The next step is to hire the licensed and certified contractor for Asbestos Removal process. There is no harm in hiring the flooring, roofing or siding professionals who are exempted from the state requirements of removal, as long as they are skilled and trained in the process of removal of asbestos. There are certain criteria which you need to keep in mind while hiring the contractors for the removal process of asbestos-containing materials from your house.

Prior to starting the removal of asbestos-containing materials from your house, you must ask them to provide you with a written contract which states clearly all about the local, state and federal regulations which they would be following. They must adhere to the guidelines and ensure cleaning of the premises after removal is done and disposing of the materials without causing damages to the environment.

Once the removal of the asbestos is done in your home, the contractor must provide you with written proof containing all the processes that they have followed, and the removal is done as per the safety guidelines mentioned in the contract. After the removal, it is necessary that you get a follow-up check from any certified and licensed asbestos inspector in your region.

The Total Cost of Asbestos Removal

Well, there is a cost involved in the process which you must know prior to hiring a contractor for Asbestos Removal. In the initial stage, you need to pay the asbestos inspection fee which would be between $400 and $800, depending upon the inspector and state where you reside. After the removal, the follow-up inspection would cost you anything around $200 and $400 and for the lab work you need to pay additional $25 to $75 which will be collected by the inspector along with their inspection charges.

The actual cost of Asbestos Removal varies depending upon the extent of work, region, and contractors. The total cost for removal ranges from $1500 to $300, regardless of the work size and region. Some of the contractors charge you based on the square foot of the home where asbestos is present. Since asbestos removal is not an easy process, it is essential that you hire experts who can deal with it in an expert manner.


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