What Are the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services?

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

To the average person, commercial and residential cleaning might sound very similar. However, there are very important differences between the two.

Knowing these differences is important when you want to hire a professional cleaning company. You’ll need to know whether commercial or residential cleaning is the most appropriate option for you.

Below, we are going to discuss the key differences between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning, and we’ve split these differences into categories.

Areas Covered

One of the most obvious differences between commercial and residential cleaning is the areas that they cover. Generally, commercial cleaning is performed on business premises, such as in offices, hospitals, and retail stores.

On the other hand, residential cleaning is reserved for home environments that are smaller. You may also hear residential cleaning being referred to as domestic cleaning.

Cleaning Tools and Products Used

Commercial cleaning is most commonly performed in large properties. For this reason, commercial cleaners will use powerful, efficient tools and strong products to speed up the cleaning process.

Usually, the tools used for commercial cleaning are unnecessarily powerful for use in residential areas. Domestic cleaners will use equipment and products that are weaker but still highly effective at cleaning residential areas.

Cleaning Regulations and Standards

All professional cleaning services will ensure that their work is completed to the highest of standards. However, commercial and residential properties have different health and safety regulations.

Generally, health and safety regulations on business premises are more stringent than those on residential properties. This is because businesses must maintain a clean and tidy environment to keep employees, clients, and customers as safe as possible.

Homeowners can set their own cleaning standards to a point, so residential cleaning is often more relaxed and less formal. If they hire a professional domestic cleaner, they can work with the cleaner on a personal basis to determine their cleaning needs and wants.

Cleaning Staff

Business owners tend to outsource their cleaning to a professional company, as their building might be too big to clean in-house, or they’re too busy to do the job themselves. Commercial cleaning is, therefore, mostly done by expert cleaners who are well-equipped and licensed to use the best tools and cleaning products.

Domestic cleaning is usually completed by the owner of the house or somebody who lives on the property. Homeowners may also ask their friends or family members to pop by and give their property a quick clean if they are away for a period of time.

However, there is also the option of hiring house cleaners if the homeowner doesn’t have time or energy to do the cleaning themselves or they can’t find somebody they know to help out. Hiring a residential cleaner is similar to hiring commercial cleaning services in that a member of the company will complete the task in return for payment.


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