Changing the Couple Fights: Ways to Stop Fighting and Be a Better Partner


Nothing can bring your day down as much as fighting with a friend or partner. Just thinking that they are upset with you, or having your feelings hurt, can make even the sunniest and brightest days downright gloomy and unlivable. I hate to fight with anyone I care about because fighting normally means one of you has been offended although it’s highly likely the other person doesn’t understand how they offended.

Let me offer some tips and ways to solve problems in a relationship and how to actively work on not fighting. While I was researching this important topic, I found a link to some great tools to help you achieve success in your relationships. Check the link out but keep reading to help improve your relationships with the following tips.

Apps to Help You Stop Fighting in a Relationship

When the Fighting Has Begun

On occasion, you might get into a fight with one of your closest friends. One of you is being stubborn and doesn’t want to end the fight. So how do you stop a fight between friends if one is backing down or willing to compromise?

Sometimes, it can be useful to text the person so that you can get your point across and let them have time with the message to decide how they feel. If you want to learn how to resolve an argument with a friend, maybe you can send them a picture of your favorite day out together to remind them of how much fun it can be to be friends. Conversely, what if you want to stop fighting even though you know your friend was in the wrong?

You can research on apps and online about different ways to end an argument without apologizing. One good approach is to tell the person that you understand where they are coming from and validate their feelings. Kind of like, you agree to disagree on the topic. Although this is not always easy, it may be the only way to put the argument past you if feelings are hurt and there’s no way to compromise.

Arguing with Co-Workers

However, what if it’s not a friend that you are troubled with, but that coworker that hasn’t learned how to stop arguing with everyone? Instead of joining the office drama, you need tools to handle this person and lift the work atmosphere.

You can look up strategies to defuse the situation and how to handle arguments at work. For example, you can ask to speak with the person privately and ask them why they are upset. In other words, appeal to them emotionally, what if they secretly feel like the boss is upset with them and they are nervous and taking it out on you? What if they feel like the rest of the office is gossiping and they are uncomfortable at work? Strategies like this can change your perspective on a person, as long as you give them some time to explain themselves.

On the other hand, if this person is just too difficult and means to empathize with, you may just want to stick to the facts of the situation and let a higher authority be aware of the issue.

Stop a Fight Before It Starts

It’s important to realize that petty arguments in relationships, especially long term relationships, can be frequent and all too easy to start. In fact, think of the last time you had a really rough or stressful day, you get home and your partner does something silly but equally annoying and you just snap. Instead of holding onto to that irritating moment or allowing it to escalate into something bigger, you can find resources to learn how to avoid arguments in a relationship and minimize a lot of emotional damage.

For instance, while you are headed home from that stressful day, why not listen to calming music, meditate on the train ride home, or journal about the crappy day to get it out of your system? That way, when you get home and your partner pulls a silly stunt, you have control over how you react to it instead of blowing your top. Likewise, if the above situation is flipped and your partner snaps at you after a rough day, it’s important for you to learn how to not engage in an argument. Therefore, swallowing your offensive comment and focusing on compassion.

Your partner has had a lousy day so why not think about finding their favorite recipe online and cooking it up to make them smile? Ultimately, If you can learn how to avoid arguments in a relationship, you and your partner will both be much happier. Another key point to consider is that if you start behaving in a different way to be more positive and avoid needless confrontation, perhaps so will your partner.

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In Conclusion

Relationships aren’t always the easiest, but they are almost always worth the trouble. There are loads of apps and online resources that can help you avoid silly arguments, tackle a difficult coworker (figuratively speaking of course!), or end an argument without apologizing or making it worse.

From calming apps to apps that give you the tools and strategies to handle difficult situations, you can find many ways to manage your emotions and your relationships in the palm of your hand.


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