Travel Apps That Can Replace Your Tour Guide


Travelling is food for the soul. New experiences and the thrill of visiting new places is priceless. However, there is a cost of a tour guide and it is quite heavy. Plus,not having an experienced or trustworthy tour guide can lead to an inconvenient travel plan. Apps on people’s phones are quickly emerging as the new and better tour guides for people. Some of the best travel apps are:

1. Tripit

This app is like holding the powers of a travel agent in your hand. It not only takes care of itineraries, but it is also used for the supplementary elements for travelling. Be it tickets for travelling, transport or even accommodation, this one is the go-to app for a smooth travel experience. It makes a good planning app for multiple people as well.

2. Field Trip

You can now get your guide for free with the Field Trip app. Explore all the new places for refreshing your mind and body. The notifications pop-up and also gives out information about the places to visit, eat and even shop. The deep knowledge of the history of cities gives an insight of that place to the visitors.

3. izi.TRAVEL

This is an amazing audio tour guide which has a unique audio feature. With extensive details of more than 1800 cities, it is a must-have application available on Android phones. It rates the museums and tours with ratings from multiple people. You are bound to have an exciting trip with this in your palm.

4. Detour

This is also an audio tour guide of a travel app that gives specifics of local areas of cities. It gives a clear GPS location and a detailed idea of the popular hot-spots in those places. This is available for in and around San Francisco but it is not free. It charges for individual trips or one can go for a yearly pass.

5. Stray Boots

This app works perfectly for accentuating the fun of wandering in unknown places. A stroll through new places is made more adventurous as the app gives challenges to the user based on his or her location. The best part is that unlike the other apps, it gives you all the necessary information about a place to the user at the comfort of his own home.

6. Sunday Drive

A road trip is the ultimate key to relaxing and bonding with friends and family. It maps out the roads and other routes to take for a drive into the unknown. These spontaneous plans are further supplemented by the list of landmarks and sights for tourists. The tidbits about them come straight from the native people as well.

7. Cities Talking

If you are thinking about visiting European countries, the Cities Talking app is definitely going to be your best bet at a tour guide. You can get your guide at your fingertips. The audio guides the tourists through the historical facts and significance of the cities. The GPS guides the way to the destination through this feature.

8. Roadside America

Get your guide for the perfect tour and sight-seeing in any of the seven regions is Canada/US. It is a one-stop app for all the timings, contact information and the way to get to it. It is perfect for road trips or to take a detour from the current plan.

9. Rick Steves Audio Europe

It comes straight from the travel expert Rick Steves for a majority of cities in Europe. It provides summarized information about the interesting places and give out bugger picture of it as well. The PDFs and guidebooks are all you need for your next travel plan.

10. History Pin

How cool is it to instantly compare a place to its historic state? Very! When one lifts up his phone to see a particular sight, its past pictures appear on the screen and the transition is evident. The images are curated by both The New York Public Library and the general public.



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