Be Diligent in Paying Back Loans


Life’s Choices

At times in our life, we might wish we could go forward without help from outside, but our circumstances dictate otherwise. It seems we’ve gotten ourselves in a jam; we’ve overspent or underearned. Perhaps our life is the result of a big change in the company we were working, as a day laborer, and suddenly we find ourselves out of work, out of luck, and in debt—again.

These are situations that millions of families face all over the world. Life has its ups and downs, and we have to go out and get a financial loan, possibly an installment loan. What do we do? First, we need to plan and get our priorities right before we take out a loan. What are our responsibilities and what do we need in order to stay on the right track? Do we need $500, $1,000, $1,500 or more? How long will this keep us afloat until the job we have interviewed kicks in and we begin making our bills on our own? There are some bill collectors who are willing to work with us for a couple of months, but ultimately we will have to pay our bills if we want electricity, a place to live, and food on the table.

Paying Back Our Loans

After you receive your installment loan, you want to set aside money to make your payments on time. You do not want to be charged for being late in making payments. Depending on what company you took your installment loan out from, it is essential that you will be making your payments on time. If possible, it is even better to pay more than what you have agreed upon in your repayment plan. If you pay more than what you owe at every scheduled payment, you will have paid you a loan off in a shorter amount of time and will have saved. Be sure you check with your loan agent if you can make a payment that will reduce your loan amount. Some installment loan companies will charge you one fee, and it makes no difference whether you pay it off in the time allotted or sooner since the principal will not change.

Student Loans

If you are borrowing for college, you will need to use a different set of tactics before you borrow from the federal government for your education loan. Your student loan will depend upon whether it is an undergraduate Pell Grant or a graduate grant. A Pell Grant is often not required to be repaid, while the latter needs to be repaid. The bottom line is to make sure you do not borrow more than what you “need.” It is better to find a work-study program that allows you to work for the university for a small weekly or monthly paycheck to be used toward your education that taking out a big loan that you will be unable to repay in a quick and efficient amount of time.

Do you have a job lined up after college? Will you be starting work immediately after school? A college loan may be the answer to your needs if you already have employment after college. If you are in a field like “rock gardening in the Himalayas,” and the job market is slim to none, then look for other ways to find money for your education than getting in debt with the US Government. These loans cannot be forgiven nor can they be part of a bankruptcy filing.

Loan Payments Made Easy

Your loan agent will be happy to set up an automatic withdrawal for your loans, and this is one of the best ways to pay off your debt. Once your automatic payment is set, then your lender will never have to speak with you until the loan is paid in full. You will receive a confirmation message from your lender that your investment is finally settled in full. You have done justice to your lender.

Congratulations. You can now move on with your life in the hope that life will not throw another curveball at you in the future. Keep good relations with your benefactors and loan agents since they may be another help to you in the future.

Image Credit: Sven Schreiber


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