Which is the Better Option for My Business – SEO vs PPC?


One of the raging debates that has been going on in the Internet marketing sector is whether search engine optimization or SEO is the best way to gain traffic or simply go for the Pay Per click campaign or the PPC in order to get people flocking to your website. At the end of the day, you would be the person spending money on either of those things, and you would definitely want a fair amount of return on your investment. Therefore, let’s look at this decision and what it does to your business.

Well, a lot of people have been able to look at SEO and PPC like http://ppcprofessionals.com/ as an amalgamation of sorts in order to create their own marketing feature which enables them to skyrocket in terms of gaining a noticeable amount of organic traffic. However, you have to realize that this particular method is also costing you save and most of the people starting out in the Internet marketing sector do not have that amount of finances to help them out.

Well, let’s look at a comparative analysis of the two process:


Well, the one thing that you can realize about organic search engine optimization is the fact that it is pretty cost-effective. There is a massive amount of labor cost as well as a lot of learning that is to be done before a particular PPC campaign can actually be maintained properly. Although there are labor costs for SEO as well, but then the charges dropped down significantly after the initial investment.

Time Period

Secondly, organic search engine optimization happens to be a pretty long lasting method wherein you would be able to optimize your website in order to gain a pretty high enough ranking, whereas PPC campaigns are basically short time options in order to popularize your website. Long after the PPC campaign is shut down, one would be able to witness a noticeable increase as well as a steady flow of organic traffic if proper organic SEO is done.


Search engine optimization is more stable compared to PPC simply because it would not depend upon the bidding tactics employed by your competitors. Rather, with a very good back link feature and wonderful content on the website, that particular keyword position in terms of search engine rankings will hold even if search engine optimization is completely stopped on the website.


However, there are a few drawbacks which can be attributed to SEO. Firstly, search engine optimization can take up a long time to produce results, whereas PPC campaigns will be able to give you results immediately.
PPC campaigns lasts a short period of time and will be able to give you immediate results while search engine optimization campaigns can never be complete since there are always changes to the search engine algorithm wherein optimization will need to be taken care of on a constant basis.


So, which is the better option? It is totally dependent upon your budget as well as the time frame that you have pertaining organic traffic to your website. If you are simply here to make money and are willing to splurge on ads, then PPC is something you could go for. However if you are willing to wait a few months in order to see a constant increase in rankings, then search engine optimization is the way forward.


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