Top 10 Best Gymnastic Movies To Watch

gymnastics movies list

Gymnastics includes sports that need balance, strength, and flexibility. Different gymnastic movies are being released as per public demand. Doesn’t matter if you are a gymnast or not, you will be being searching for new gymnastic movies. Here you will get the best gymnastic movies list.

Check out the gymnastic movies list of best top 10 movies

1. Stick It

It is a great movie full of action, alluring actors, funny scenes, and frequent gymnastic scenes. The storyline of the movie revolves around an ex-gymnast coerced to come back to the gymnastics world after a confrontation with the law.

2. Peaceful Warrior

The movie is based on a book written by Dan Millman who was a real Olympic gymnast. The story is about a gymnast who wanted to enter the Olympics but had an accident after which it was difficult for him to even walk. The movie has many stunts of gymnastics that will give you the feeling of reality. Peaceful warrior is an inspirational movie.

3. Perfect Body

As the name indicates the gymnast in this movie wanted a perfect body for gymnastics. She ends up having eating disorders that ruined her life. The movie is based on a reality check link between eating disorders and gymnastics sports. The acting of Amy Jo Johnson must be appreciated.

4. Nadia

The movie revolves around Nadia Comaneci who was a hard-working sports girl. She started her journey from the playground of her house and ended up becoming a legend. The movie depicts that gymnastics requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

5. Gymnast

It is a documentary based upon the lives of gymnast behind the scenes. How the girls have to deal with family pressure, tough routine, coaches, and intense management of life? The movie is very inspiring and motivating for the gymnast and the athleticism shown here is impressive.

6. Lefty

gymnastics movies for kids

Lefty is a great gymnastics movie for kids. A documentary about Carol Johnston who is a one-hand gymnast. It is an old movie but is an inspiring one.

7. A Second Chance

This is a gymnastics based family movie. A young gymnast and her coach gone through a misfortune to enter National Australian Gymnastics Squad. The Gymnastics and acting skills of the movie are marvelous and must be appreciated.

8. American Anthem

Albert Mangoli was the director of the film. The story is of a footballer who wanted to enter the US Olympic gymnastics team as a Gymnast now. The film is considered to be the best film of gymnastics of the time.

9. Full Out

Full out is the best-known film of gymnastics so far. The story revolves around a gymnast who was known for competitive gymnastics and he had a car accident later. The film is considered to be the best series for youth looking to its dedication and story.

10. Raising the bar

The movie is about a teenager who drops her gymnastics from America and moves to Australia. She rejoins gymnastics to help her friend and to be a rival. The movie was praised for its work and acting.


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