5 Benefits of Using CBD Cream for Canines

CBD Cream for Canines

CBD-infused topicals have hit the mainstream in the past couple of years due to canines’ dermatological tests and the high consumer demand for CBD lotions, creams, and ointments. As of now, some of the biggest skincare brands have started manufacturing dog CBD topicals. However, the question regarding the benefits of hemp-infused topicals remains. Here are five known benefits of CBD topicals for dogs.

Benefits of Using a CBD Cream for Dogs

A topical solution is not the ultimate solution for every situation. For controlling excessive barking or noise phobia, for example, you need to calm your dog in such a way that the supplement is absorbed into the bloodstream and positively affects systemic issues like anxiety, aches, digestion, and more. For such problems, oral dosages are perfect. But, CBD creams and lotions are ideal for other uses, such as:

1. Target Affected Areas

One of the key advantages of topical products is that they target particular areas like a painful joint or a patch of itchy skin. When you apply the salve to a specific location, you can give targeted relief to the animal.

Apply a little bit of balm or cream to the area. As it comes in contact with the skin’s warmth, it melts, creating a moisturizing layer that does not leave behind a greasy residue. Your pet will not be harmed if it licks the salve. But, try to ensure at least fifteen minutes of free time before it gets licked so the product can seep into the skin.

2. Bypass the Digestive System

Orally consumed CBD has to go through the digestive tract. Some of hemp’s active ingredients are gone as the product passes through saliva, stomach, and intestines. On the other hand, with topical administration, the oil is absorbed through the deeper tissues. Therefore, a topical CBD product can give your pet faster relief by bypassing the digestive system.

3. Avoid Drug Reactions

Cannabidiol reacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of the body to work with digestion, peripheral nervous system, and metabolic pathways. Being a CYP450, CBD can temporarily meddle with certain types of drugs.

Topical administration does not interfere with any other drugs your pooch is taking, and so your vet may recommend this method.

4. Check the Dependence on Prescription Medicines

Some prescribed medicines that treat pain, skin ailments, and inflammation in canines may cause side effects. If you are anxious about the comfort and health of your furry friend, opt for full-spectrum hemp oil salve to relieve your pet of any inconvenience without any of the risks long-term prescription medicines possess.

5. Stimulate the Skin’s Endocannabinoid System

When it comes to skin health, the ECS plays a significant role. This system of receptors and transmitters is seen all over the body. ECS regulates skin health by reducing allergic reactions, modulating moisturization, and stimulating immunity, differentiation of skin cells, etc.

Modern dermatology research has recognized cannabidiol as a potential therapeutic target for different skin conditions that range from severe to mild.

Topical products such as creams are quickly growing in popularity among all dog CBD products, meaning an increasing number of pet owners prefer them over other forms of dog CBD products such as oils and chews.


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