These Habits Are Restricting Your Hair Growth – Quit Them Today!

Hair Growth

Is hair loss your biggest headache no matter what you do? If yes, we feel you!

The fact is, this nightmare is common for women just like you. Perhaps you could do better and need expert advice. Well, this is what we are here for.

The truth is, some daily habits can limit hair growth. So, it is important to change these habits and implement new lifestyle changes.

These are some everyday habits that can limit hair growth.

Take notes!

Frequent Shampooing

True, shampooing your hair is essential for hair care. However, doing it too often can cause hair to become dry and brittle. Shampoos are meant to remove harmful chemicals and excess oil from your hair and scalp.

So, you must use them at the right time and honor the saying, “Excess of anything is bad.” Regular washing of your hair can strip your scalp’s oil, which is essential for healthy hair. The bottom line – it is not a good idea to stop shampooing your hair, but it’s okay to let your hair go for a few days.

Using Hot Water For Hair Wash

It’s hard to beat the pleasure of a hot shower after a tiring day. But have you ever wondered why the drains are always blocked by hair? We will tell you why this happens often. Truth be told, the hair can become dry from steams or hot showers, leading to brittle hair.

The last thing you’d want is fragile hair that snaps easily as the scalp loses its nourishing elements. Of course, this is bad for hair growth. We recommend that you prefer lukewarm water to wash your hair if you love bathing in hot water.


No matter what hair products you use, if you aren’t eating healthy, it will not cut it. Hair can become weaker due to iron deficiency, low protein intake, or a lack of vitamins. This could lead to hair loss/thinning.

The good news – healthy hair growth is possible with a diet rich in vitamins, protein, healthy fats, and omega. Also, don’t forget to include eggs, spinach, and fish in your next market visit.

Doing Your Hair Tightly

Tying your hair tightly is like forcing them to get out of the scalp. Yes, tightening your hair is an excellent style for every day, but the damage it causes can hurt.

Like we mentioned earlier, hair follicles can be damaged and stressed if your hair is stretched too tightly. Pulling your hair can also permanently damage hair follicles and make hair growth impossible.

Damp Hair

Wet hair can make your hair weaker. The truth is, your hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet. So, you need extra care when dealing with damp hair. Moreover, wet hair can also get bacterial infections from contacting a cushion or pillow.

Other hair issues due to wet hair are hair loss, hair breakage, and dandruff. These consequences can be avoided by washing your hair regularly and drying it thoroughly. Also, don’t go to bed with wet hair.

Overheating Your Hair

Although heat styling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners can make styling easier, they are not the best friends of your hair. These styling tools can cause hair damage by burning the scalp and closing the hair follicles.

So, it is important to avoid using these hair styling tools as much as you can.

Avoiding Frequent Trims

Women want long, silky hair. To achieve that, they usually avoid trimming it or dusting it, as hairstylists refer to it. It is important to trim at least one inch from the tips every six to eighteen months to prevent hair-splitting.

Hair splits will translate to hair fall in the long run if you keep avoiding the trimming process. Regular trims will also help your hair grow healthy and prevent hair fall.

Final Word

Understanding how to stop hair shedding can help you get that lovely hair back like the old days. So, try to avoid the toxic habits discussed above to prevent hair loss.

Good luck!


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