6 Benefits of Having Your Car Coated With a Paint Protection Film

paint protection film

There are over one million vehicles sold each year in Australia. However, not all these vehicles continue to look polished. There is a way to make them keep looking that way. The paint protection film is a lesser-known but highly-effective protection for cars. It is a transparent film that protects and preserves the car’s paint. The film is of a thermoplastic kind, and it protects the original paint job of the vehicle from scratches, chipping, and contaminants. So it mainly serves two purposes:

  1. Cosmetic improvement
  2. Durability Enhancement

It is possible to apply it to the entire surface of the car. However, one usually applies it on painted surfaces, including mirrors and headlights. One can rest assured that it does not affect the clear view offered by the mirrors.

Paint Protection Film Benefits

1. Protects the Original Sheen

Picture a car in a showroom, all brand-new and glimmering. But within a few days of use, the colour dulls, and it looks lacklustre. It is due to pollution or minor scratches that cause the car to lose its original sheen.

Protecting the original paint with a layer of film will guard the car against the external elements. It helps the car look new and shiny for a lot longer than it would without the film. It prevents fading, so the vehicle looks as if it has been just bought, for a long time.

2. Retains Resale Value

The used-cars’ market has tremendous support for visually appealing cars. Even if the vehicle works fine on the road, buyers still look for a good-looking car while thinking about the purchase. If it looks worn down and old, its resale value ranks lower.

Paint protection retains the car’s resale value by protecting its appearance. It safeguards the exteriors from superficial and environmental damage. One may not know when they may have to exchange their car for a newer model or a high-end variant. So, why not be prepared to make a profit when it is time to sell it? The profit can prove helpful while buying a new car.

3. Cleaning is Easier

The paint protection film keeps away dust so the exteriors will not face the issue of dust build-up. This condition makes cleaning comparatively more effortless as the car will be looking polished with just a soft-cloth wipe. One doesn’t have to go searching for a water hose every time one has to clean it. Just the cloth will do the job as there will only be a little bit of dust.

4. Prevents Environmental Damage

This benefit is one of the most significant advantages of Protection film as it forms a protective barrier between the sun’s harmful UV rays and the car. Environmental impact can cause the polish to deteriorate faster, and the film will prevent that. Not just UV rays but rust, burns, and other natural damages are also considerably reduced.

5. Provides Scratch-Guard and Chemical Protection

Scratches can cause moisture build-up, which then leads to rust. Harsh cleaners have a high ratio of chemicals in them that cause discolouration. It damages the original colour and ruins the look. The film can act as a protective layer for the car’s exterior.

6. Saves costs on Repairs

Prevention is always better to save money on repairs. By protecting the exteriors, one may not have to spend the same amount as they frequently would have to, without protection.

By having a paint protection film, one can drive the car with pride. No need to worry about small damages, which the vehicle will be immune to, thanks to the protection.

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