Why you might still need to move to a big city for the best job opportunities

best job opportunities

Whilst there are many reasons why one might decide to move to the big city, be it the lifestyle, social aspect, or chasing a dream, a move to the big city can also boast better job opportunities than you might encounter staying in a small town.

Though the rise in technological development and the internet has certainly done a lot to even the playing field more than it once was, here are a few reasons why the big city is still the place that you will find the best job opportunities.

Location matters

Location plays a massive part in attracting and retaining both employees and customers. Cities have lots of good transport links, allowing employees and customers to easily commute to the store or office. Therefore, businesses are more likely to set up their offices in a big city.

Even smaller companies can easily set up their offices in the big city, taking advantage of a prestigious address without the capital investment, with flexible workplaces In London from BE Offices. These workplaces are also dotted around the country in prime locations, such as Birmingham, Manchester, Reading, Milton Keynes, and Bristol.

And, if you move to the big city and you can’t find the job opportunities you were hoping for, how about creating your own business? Flexible workplaces have flexibility for anything from one to 1000 desks, giving you the business lifestyle even as a sole trading start-up.


Sometimes it’s not about what you know, but who you know. Whether it is how you get onto the job market, progress in your employment, or how you get clients, knowing the right people can get you far.

It goes without saying that big cities are likely to have more professionals and a wider talent pool. Due to this, moving to the big city can help you to network with the right people, allowing you the opportunity to gain better job opportunities.

Access to resources

Cities allow businesses access to a tonne of resources that small towns don’t have, including funding, investors, suppliers, contractors, and so on. In addition to persuading companies to set up their offices in this location, the access to resources also helps the businesses to grow.

In doing so, businesses are more likely to stay in the city for long periods of time- some might have even been there decades! This means that job opportunities in the city are more likely to be long term and stable career moves.

Cities are recovering quicker economically from the pandemic

It is predicted that larger cities will recover quicker economically from the pandemic, even though many people might continue to work from home. In fact, one analysis report revealed that the cities worst hit by the pandemic are likely to make the fastest recovery.

As the big cities quickly recover, this should allow for rapid economic growth, potentially creating more jobs. Due to this, in nine cities and large towns, there are actually more job postings now than before the coronavirus pandemic began.

And there you have it – 4 reasons why you might still need to move to a big city for the best job opportunities.


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