Where to Look for Cockroaches in Your Home


They are the most feared creepy-crawly insects to roam the earth. It may not be because they are so terrifying, but because of what they represent. Finding cockroaches in your home or anywhere else represents dirt and filth. None of us want to live in a dirty home that attracts cockroaches and other creepy crawlies.

For many of us women over 50, we have always worked hard to maintain and clean our homes. We have used cleaning agents that sanitize and should ward off pesky insects. While we may feel a sense of accomplishment, that is only until we find a dead cockroach on the kitchen floor.

I have always wondered where these pests hide? We have spoken to a professional pest proof company that has given us the top places to look for cockroaches.

Hiding behind the refrigerator and other appliances

Shudder at the thought of roaches living in your kitchen? Cockroaches love camping out behind your microwave, fridge, and oven. The kitchen is warm, has moisture, and most of all give the cockroaches quick access to food and crumbs.

If you looking to find the cockroaches hiding place, the first place to start and clean is behind the appliances!

Cockroaches Camp behind baseboards

I was tearing through my home the other day trying to kill one of the cockroaches that dared to trespass into my home. Just as I thought I had it cornered, it squeezed in between 2 baseboards and disappeared. Houses and apartments, no matter their age, have all sorts of cracks and crevices that make excellent cockroach hiding places. These can include the backs of picture frames in addition to the crown molding.

Have a professional pest control company inspect your home to make sure all cracks are sealed and your baseboards and trim fit flush. This will ensure that it is all clean before you seal it up!

You may be sitting on a cockroaches castle

You’re not the only one who thinks that the couch is nice and comfy. Some species of roaches have been found to be quite comfortable living inside various furniture pieces. Many of us enjoy a snack or 2 while watching TV or a movie, and we have all found missing treasures between the sofa cushions. Sofas are a cockroach’s prime territory.

With the cockroaches comfy and at home, the biggest concern is that they can lay egg cases in the furniture. Cockroach nymphs will emerge and nest in your furniture. Prevent this by regularly vacuuming upholstered furnishings and inspecting wooden furniture for egg casings that need to be cleared away.

Bathrooms and plumbing hiding spots

Cockroaches are drawn toward high humidity areas like restrooms and bathrooms. Bathrooms offer cockroaches many opportunities to hide and access piping highways for pests. They can use the pipes and gain access to every part of the home and the outside too.

Just like with your kitchen look for cockroaches in the cabinets and storage regularly. Scenting your bathroom with an essential oil diffuser can deter any cockroaches from getting too comfortable while leaving the bathroom fresh.

If you find 1 cockroach you can be assured that there are more lurking around. Looking in these places will help you to know where to spend your time applying pest control methods. If cockroaches are not found here, you have successfully removed all the cockroaches from your home.


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