Where Can I Do a Free Reverse Email Lookup?

Free Reverse Email Lookup

Decades ago, people used letters or telephones to communicate over long distances. The internet changed that. People communicate via video chats and direct messages. You’re more likely to receive emails than letters.

As of March 2021, more than 45 percent of all emails were spam emails. Whether you’re tracking down a spam emailer or need someone’s email address, you may find yourself looking for a free email lookup tool. Let’s look at where you can perform a free reverse email search, how they work, how to locate a person’s email address, and reasons you may need to use email lookup tools.

Where can you perform a reverse email lookup?

In addition to changing the way people communicate, the internet’s changed the way people access data. Instead of visiting the local courthouse or searching through newspaper archives at your local library, you can go online and locate information.

Head to GoLookUp to perform a free reverse email lookup. Your membership includes reverse email lookup services when you sign up for an account. The tool prompts you to enter the email address and lists results for review. The information supplied by the email lookup service enables you to verify the identity of the email address owner.

How do email search tools work?

When you enter the email address in the search tool, the tool combs through millions of public records. Court records, arrest records, and social media records supply data the tool uses to track the email address’s potential owner. Once the tool’s reviewed all public records, it prepares search results. You can find out the people or businesses associated with the email address. The tool may also list phone numbers associated with the email address and a list of social media platforms connected to that address.

Can you use a tool to find someone’s email address?

tool to find someone's email address

You can also use people search sites to search for a person’s email address. You’ll enter the person or business’s name and supply other available information, such as the state where they live. The tool uses this information to scour public records and social media platforms to find potential contact information for the subject of your search. The tool uses the data supplied to create a list of potential email addresses. It lists the contact information found and provides data to help you confirm if it’s the correct address. For example, it may show a map with the account holder’s address and the names of their family members.

Why would you need to use email lookup tools?

You may track an email address’s owner if they send you spam after asking them to stop. Advertisers must adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act regulations. Anyone violating the CAN-SPAM Act can be fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Using a reverse email lookup lets you get as much information as possible if you need to file a complaint with the FTC.

While the internet lets people communicate over long distances, it also makes it easier to harass or bully people. Approximately 53 percent of Americans have been harassed online. Forms of online bullying include cyberstalking, sexual harassment, and death threats. If a bully gets your email address, this type of harassment can follow you off social media to your inbox.

Using email lookup tools can help you identify your harasser. You may be able to confront them and get them to stop. Alternatively, you may contact the authorities and press charges. You may also use free background check tools to access additional information about the individual before determining what steps to take. For example, learning they have a criminal record may prompt you to contact the police instead of addressing them directly.

Use a reverse email lookup to verify who owns an email address. You can also use email lookup tools to locate a person’s email address.


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