What You Need To Know About Dentures


The confidence and self-esteem of an individual can be severely affected even if a single tooth is missing or damaged. Therefore, irreparable or missing teeth need replacement. Full dentures and partial dentures can help solve such issues. However, keep in mind that if you use dentures, timely maintenance and repairing is vital. If you live in Melbourne you’re in luck because the Complete Denture Care, denture clinic in Wantirna can set all your denture woes right. The denture clinic in Wantirna offers denture repairs, partial dentures, acrylic dentures, denture relines, and other denture-related solutions.

Partial dentures act as a substitute for the missing teeth in your mouth. They are easy to remove and convenient to wear. These dentures are made of acrylic or acrylic-based material. Having partial dentures is more affordable when compared to dental implants. Getting partial dentures is also time-saving when compared to full dentures or any other form of dentures.

Acrylic dentures are easily moldable and are the most commonly used form of dentures. Every acrylic denture can be a custom fit for patients. Acrylic dentures provide comfort while wearing. It’s also easy to make alterations to acrylic dentures. When you first get your dentures, they will need to be relined a number of times. This is because as time passes, the dentures may become looser as gum tissues tend to change.

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Seeking professional help for your denture relines will keep your dentures well-maintained and functional. The different kinds of denture relines include temporary denture relines, soft denture relines and hard denture relines. So if your dentures get loose or broken and if you experience any discomfort, head to the Complete Denture Care, denture clinic in Wantirna for the best dental repair solutions and maintenance services.

If dentures are maintained well, you can use them for years until they start wearing out. If you are soaking your dentures with metal attachments, seek professional help on the right denture solution to use. Metal attachments on dentures may get tarnished if the dentures are not well maintained. Additionally, rough handling of dentures may cause the dentures to break.

There is always an option to check with your dental clinic if the dentures don’t fit properly. Beware of poor-fitting dentures as these can cause gum sores and burn. Also, check for the right adhesive to use for your dentures. Adhesives for dentures are available in the form of powders, creams, strips or liquids. Your dentist can inform you about the most appropriate adhesive to use.

Tips to care for your dentures:

  • Ensure good oral hygiene
  • Clean your dentures every day
  • Visit your dentist for frequent dental checkups or denture repairs
  • Remove the dentures and rinse your mouth
  • Use denture cleansers rather than using toothpaste, vinegar or bleach to clean your dentures
  • Regular cleaning of dentures keeps them away from fungal infection
  • Soak dentures regularly in a denture cleanser. Doing so helps in removing food, plaque or bacteria from the dentures
  • Cut your food into smaller pieces for easy chewing when using dentures
  • Keep your mouth hydrated as a dry mouth can cause irritations of the gums and mouth
  • Avoid consuming hard, difficult to chew and sticky foods
  • Avoid exposing the dentures to hot water as it can reduce the life of your dentures
  • Use a soft brush for cleaning your dentures
  • Remove your dentures while sleeping


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