What Is Swiftlane and How Does It Work?


Apartment hunters and landlords of multifamily properties alike are turning to greater technological installations for a boosted peace of mind and better ease of access in their homes. Swiftlane is a new and innovative brand that is making apartment building access and permission granting easier than ever. With innovative video intercom systems, Swiftlane has quickly risen to the top of the pack in the utility services that apartment building managers and owners rely on.

From high-security solutions to the ease of access that many tenants see as a major selling point, Swiftlane provides a range of fantastic plugins for multifamily buildings that can really make a splash. Continue reading to learn more about the brand and all that it can do for you and your building.

Swiftlane’s video intercom system is a state-of-the-art offering

Access control is a key feature in any residential or commercial property. Maintaining a high-quality security cordon while allowing for a permeable barrier that sees seamless entry for delivery drivers, tenants, and visitors is crucial in any building. The best security systems are the ones that aren’t immediately obvious, and therefore don’t pose a hassle to those who will be using the system on a regular basis. Homeowners and property managers in these types of residential spaces (as well as commercial property managers) would be wise to read Swiftlane reviews in order to gain a better sense of the capabilities of state-of-the-art technologies in this space. The line between ease of access and security is blurring, and this is a great thing for those who live and work on the other side of the access control functionalities.

A video intercom system is a perfect solution for a residential building. Managers seeking a facelift for the property without the hassle of a massive rewire will rest easy knowing that access control through the integration of key card utilities and a mobile app makes the digital footprint robust, and cloud-based maintenance ensures round-the-clock uptime and a low installation and continuing maintenance cost.

Many options in the product lineup can be customized with mobile credentials and facial recognition selections, making the process of gaining entry as simple as arriving home. With this ease of access, many tenants won’t ever want to leave their apartments, making for long-standing partnerships with those who want to maintain a stable living environment and pay rent on time and without interruption.

Swiftlane is a new technology player with a large cost-saving footprint in delivery security and ease of access

Swiftlane is a San Francisco-based technology giant. Named as the best new access control and intercom system for 2020, the company’s video intercom offers the best in mobile credentialing and security integrations. The product lineup is a future-proof system that integrates software updates through digital infrastructure and won’t require lengthy processing times to implement.

Compared to legacy systems that ran on wired connectivity, Swiftlane systems can save management teams around $4,500 each year with these proprietary innovations that pare down on electricity, maintenance, and overhead costs. Likewise, these systems make access management and delivery security far more efficient for residents, ensuring a more enjoyable lifestyle and living arrangement more broadly.

Package theft is a major hassle in the modern world. With the coronavirus pandemic pushing e-commerce sales to soaring new heights, the opportunity for thieves to steal your deliveries while you’re out is more apparent than ever before, and the numbers speak for themselves: These crimes of opportunity are happening at a record pace. With the installation of an easy-to-use intercom system, securing packages has become a simple process.

Consider adding one of these upgrades to your building for better tenant well-being and a more stable management environment.


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