What Do You Understand by a Dub of Weed When Buying Cannabis?

Dub of Weed

Many years ago, as the cannabis culture spread across the world, dealers used many terms to describe different amounts of cannabis. These terms continue to exist even today. One such term is “a dub of weed”.

Read on to find out the true meaning behind the term “dub” and a list of other related words used in cannabis slang.

What Is a Dub and How Did the Term Originate?

A dub of weed refers to a small bag of weed that weighs around 1 gm (0.035 ounces) and costs $20. The term originated from the word used for wheels or rims that were 20 inches in diameter.

Dealers and consumers referred to the small bag of cannabis as a dub or dub sack. The term became popular as most people believed that it offers a discreet way of handling cannabis.

Does a Dub of Weed Always Cost the Same?

Typically, a dub of weed is 0.035 ounces (one gram) in weight and worth $20. However, you may also get a 10-dollar dub in the market.

The price of a dub of weed can change from one state to another. It also depends on the source of purchase. Price is also affected by the quality of cannabis. Good quality cannabis can cost you more than $20 for the same quantity. Sometimes, the dub may weigh more than 0.035 ounces.

Is the Term Used Prevalently Even Today?

Dealers primarily used the term dub during the days when marijuana was not legalized. Today, the word has become almost antiquated. There is hardly any reason to be discreet about the need for cannabis.

People are now more open about the purchase and sale of cannabis, and dispensaries are selling the product by weight.

Are there Other Terms Used to Describe Different Quantities of Cannabis?

Black market dealers commonly used three different terms in the past for buying weed. They are:

  1. A Nick of Weed: A nick of weed or a nickel of weed is the smallest quantity of cannabis available in the market. A nick of weed costs $5. The quantity offered for the $5 varied based on the quality of the product.
  2. A Dime of Weed: “Dime” is usually used to refer to the number ten. A dime of weed refers to a bag of weed available for $10. The quantity depends on the quality of the product.
  3. A Key of Weed: Key is another word used to represent a kilogram of weed. So, if you purchase a key of weed, you are taking almost 2.2 pounds of cannabis. The price of a key of weed depends on the strain of weed, the place from where you are buying the product, and the market price at that time.

A Final Word

The terms discussed above (including a dub of weed) are still used in some states. If you are buying your cannabis supply from a black market, learning these terms can easily help you get through the process. Source your weed from a genuine seller following safe practices, from farm to final sales.


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