Video Games: The Social Lifeline

Video Games

Video Games are becoming so famous in 2021. People prefer playing computer plays more than outdoor plays. Gaming is getting more popular, and the revenue of the gaming industry is increasing. The revenue of this industry increases when more users play games. In 2020-2021 due to corona, gaming increased because people were inside homes. There are many channels on youtube, with many subscribers which explain to the viewers some tips and tricks. Let us explain about a gill, some advantages and disadvantages of video plays and ffxiv.

What is a gill?

Gill is money in fantasy fourteen plays. We can buy different things with FFXIV gil. Through farming, you can get millions of gills. You can also get gills through completing quests, duty roulettes (slow way of getting consistent gills), gardening, quick ventures. The worth of 100 Gil is $1, and 1000 Gil is $10. It is named after the Gilbart family of Damcyan.

Advantages of video games

Problem solving

Electronic plays increase critical analysis. The gamers who spend time playing fast-paced plays respond to questions 25% faster than non-players.

Pain relief

Some plays help to reduce the brain’s response to physical pain. They grab the attention of a player to this extent that a person forgets about pain.

Help ease anxiety and depression

Plays help in coping with anxiety and depression. They make a person emotionally positive, confident, and energetic.

Brain Booster

Certain video plays help in increasing memory, information organization.

Improved life skills

They improve life skills by giving patience. When a person fails while playing, he develops the power of bearing failure and trying for success.

May increase concentration

While playing the game, a person gives his/her 100% concentration. Some examinations by experts have proved that playing for a few minutes in a day can increase concentration power.

Disadvantages of video games

Could limit academic progress

Some students do not concentrate on their studies. They procrastinate till the last dates of exams and end up failing.


These plays are designed in a way that people with less self-control tend to be addicted to them because it has many levels, and every person tries to reach the end level quickly.
While playing a game control yourself and don’t play out of the limit.


Computer games have one con in comparison to outdoor sports, which is obesity. Outdoor plays make a person mentally and physically healthy, but while playing electronic games, you have to sit in a place and attentively play the computer. However, there are new immersive games that require the player to move such as games played through VR and golf simulators. Although they help break a sweat, they are not considered as a full workout.


People who spent hours while playing can lose their relationship with their family because they don’t spend enough time with their family members and relatives.


Always choose video games appropriate for yourself because violent games can increase emotional arousal and lack of self-control.


Computer games are a good sort of entertainment for free time, but it can be dangerous for your social and personal life when you play them too much. So it is important that you pay attention to your self-control while playing electronic plays.


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