Useful Office Cleaning Tips That You Should Know

Office Cleaning Tips

Every person working in a common space should know how to clean it without an office cleaning service, as it is a team effort to keep the company comfortable for everyone. Below are six useful tips for you to help maintain your office space in top shape to make the best of your experience!

Useful Office Cleaning Tips For You

1. Tackle Your Pile of Paperwork:

Before you begin to clean your space, all your important documents shouldn’t lie around and hinder the process.

This is also a good chance for you to organize your files and categorize them. It is best to take out the paperwork piles from your table to a chair or another flat surface for easy sorting.

Here we have some suggestions on how to organize work:

  • If you have different types of documents for different tasks, try sorting your paperwork by functions. “Accounting”, “Contracting”, “Meeting Notes”, and other folders that make up the duties of your work should be where you can find them easily when needed.
  • If you have a good memory, you can sort the documents by name through alphabetical order or key descriptive phrases. But if you are the type of person who enjoys crafting up a timeline for easy tracking, chronologically ranking your files should be optimal.

Should any of these methods suit your working style, do go ahead and implement them into your routine!

2. Keep The Working Areas Clean:

If you want to keep your spirit up, you will need to keep your working areas clean. Frequency and cleaning methods are the two key ideas here, so let’s take a look at them.

Generally, you would want to clean your working surface every day after work so that you can have a clean slate the next day.

However, an overall deep clean of the entire cubicle (folder sorting, shelf dusting, cable cleaning, etc.) is in order every week or so to prevent risks of dust and debris clogging into places it should not.

Office Cleaning Tips

A handheld vacuum is very effective at getting debris out of the way, but using it can be pretty annoying and noisy, so you might want to check with your coworkers on that.

Generally, a good wet wipe should be good enough if you are doing it regularly. Disinfecting the table and your electronics often is also a good idea!

Doing all this helps your machines work more fluently, as it will remove any filth building up in the crevices of your devices. Plus, if you have a dust allergy or just a generally jumpy nose, a clean space is better for your health physically and mentally.

If you want, you can also separate your table into two sections: one for electronic uses and one for manual tasks. Just a tip for productivity from us!

3. Pay Attention To Your Electronics:

And speaking of electronics care, cleaning your device space is just as important as caring for the physical one. Everyone wants an immediate response when it comes to their automatic commands.

If your device’s memory and processing parts are overloaded with unnecessary files and applications, your workflow will be very disruptive.

Office Cleaning

Go through your files the same way you do with your physical paperwork and eliminate anything redundant. You can also use this chance to sort your documents into their designated places too.

Some have found lost files while sorting through their bundle, so perhaps you will get just as lucky during the process!

4. Take Out The Trash Often:

It can be tempting to overflow the little trash bin underneath your feet and ignore it until it floods your compartment. This bad habit is especially prevalent in sticky-note users and visual thinkers, as they tend to produce more physical waste.

Since most office bins are quite small, sticking to the one-week frequency can still result in your bin overflowing. You should develop a habit of taking out the trash every time you get up from your seat towards somewhere else.

Be sure to change the bin liner as well every once in a while, though, or trash will puncture through the bag.

5. Keep The Leisure Areas Clean & Convenient:

You should keep your working space clean as well. The leisure areas like break rooms, bathrooms, or dining areas need just as much care.

Having a neat and clean zone to retreat to after finishing your assignment allows you to chill with a clearer mind and jump back to work well-rested and relaxed.

Office Cleaning Service

Unfortunately, keeping leisure areas clean is a joint effort, so your entire team (and anyone who uses the area for their benefit, on that note) should chip in their efforts.

It is best to tell Jeffrey from HR to take his candy packet with him rather than leaving it on the dining table, but you should do what you advise others to do, as well.

6. Hire Professionals:

If you arrive at this article a little too late to clean up on your own, you can always hire a professional office cleaning service to get it done for you. We recommend hiring local services to help support your community.

If you are in the Rochester Michigan Area, then Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning would be a great company to keep on hand.

But if your local team does not have the human resources to handle your office, enterprise hires work just fine, if not better. It is never too late to pick up your phone.


After doing everything on this list, your space will be spotless without the help of an office cleaning service! And if you cannot do it alone, you can always invite others to join and help you with the task. We wish you a great working experience now with a clean and tidy space!


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