8 Tips To Increase the Life of your Cars


Thanks to the perennial money crunch, people prefer to keep the same car with them over a period of time. Instead of changing the car regularly, they are of the opinion of taking good care of their car to ensure that it lasts for a longer duration. One would be happy to know that keeping your car up and running does not require rocket science of any kind. Rather, it required a bit of daily maintenance to ensure the smooth running of the car.

Here are the top 8 Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer. The idea is to try them and see the difference.

1. Abstain from temptation and Buy Gas only from reputed places

It is a prudent decision to stick to one known, reputed and regular place to fill in gas. Most of us are of the habit of getting gas re filled from anywhere and everywhere. This is not a wise decision. Try and stay away from those gas suppliers who are offering discounts as you never know what impurities are entering into your car. Not only will this hamper your mileage but in the long run it will also damage the engine of the car.

2. Grease your vehicle regularly

Remember that your beloved car is actually a mean machine that undergoes wear and tear just like any other normal machine. As a result, it is important to ensure that it is regularly greased. This aids in the smooth functioning of the car and helping it run in the long run.

3. Check your Tyre

The Tyre is undoubtedly the most neglected part of your car. Ensure that you periodically check your tyre pressure and alignment to ensure it’s on the mark.

4. Change Fuels Regularly

If your manufacturer has asked you to change the car fuels regularly, then ensure the same is done.

5. Stay Alert

Stay alert to various kinds of smells and noises that might crop up from your car from time to time. Ensure that you pay extra attention to it and get it checked and rectified at the first go itself.

6. Regularly check your Car belt

Remember, along with the long run of your car your safety is also important .It is hence, crucial to ensure that your car belt is functional and working perfectly.

7. Check the timing belt/ chain

Always ensure that whenever you are taking the car to the mechanic to check you also make him check out the proper functioning of the timing belt / chain.

8. Change Filters Regularly

Another important step to ensure long running of your car is to ensure that the filters are changed regularly and the pollution emitters are working properly.

There is nothing wrong in taking good care of your car and ensuring that it works perfectly fine. The above 8 steps on taking care of your car would help you in the long run to take good care of your car and make it run perfectly over a longer period of time.


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