5 Tips to Find the Best Electricity Providers in SA

Electricity Providers in SA

South Australia is home to the most technologically advanced healthcare facility in the country, the new Royal Adelaide Hospital. It also hosts international cultural events, such as Adelaide Fringe, ensuring a prosperous and relaxed lifestyle.

But, according to a 2018 report, the state has had the highest retail electricity prices in the country, making it a critical issue among the locals.

Thus, if you wish to lead an affordable lifestyle in South Australia, you need to find the best electricity providers SA, offering the best plans at reasonable rates. Leading experts can help you compare the electricity plans and prices, and here’s how they suggest you identify the top-rated service providers in SA.

Check the Electricity Tariffs

While you will find two types of tariffs in SA, one being the ‘single rate’ and the other ‘time of use’, most of the households have single-rate taxes. Thus, check if the service provider charges you the same price for electricity usage, regardless of when you use it. And see if they adjust their prices between summer and winter, as part of their demand charges, for better value for your money.

However, top consultants can help you understand other options, such as peak and flexible tariffs. They recommend confirming if the retailers offer Tariff 110 and Tariff 116 for such taxes.

Check the Offered Discounts

Ideally, electricity providers in SA offer a flat rate for their services, but the prices are not standard. So, as the retailers can fix the rates, it becomes vital that you check for discounts they provide, such as the pay-on-time and direct debit discounts.

Experts suggest looking for electricity providers giving out at least 20% off, which can ensure you considerable savings. In South Australia, while you can utilize the standard discounts, you can also get rebates on usage charges or even your entire bill. Ensure the providers are transparent about the discount benefit period and the conditions you need to meet, to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Check for Provider’s Power Sources

Many retailers in SA have made reasonable efforts with wind, solar, and even hydro, with a few ranking among the top 10 greenest energy providers as per Greenpeace Australia.
Professionals recommend looking at the electricity provider’s website for the renewables section to check their green initiatives for generating electricity.

Check for A Responsive Customer Service

In South Australia, supply and usage charges make up an electricity bill, which can change at any time. Typically, the electricity providers here offer variable-rate plans.
Ensure the providers offer excellent customer service, with the representatives being well-aware of such applicable charges and plans.

Specialists recommend opting for retailers with agents who know the electricity usage rates per kWh and supply charges on a per-day basis. Ensure they respond quickly, transparently, and politely.

Find A Reputed Consultant

Thanks to the COVID-19 related economic slowdown and the expansion of renewable generation, SA’s wholesale electricity prices were the lowest in the final quarter of 2020.
To make the best use of these favorable price trends, consult a reputed expert to find out about the top electricity providers in SA. While you will enjoy an uninterrupted electricity supply at the best rates, you also help the environment by opting for providers harnessing renewable energy.


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