5 Tips in Choosing An Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Frisco, TX

Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Step into El Rincón authentic Mexican restaurant, and you will have a real taste of Mexican flavor. Experience true Mexican dining that includes only healthy and fresh ingredients that will surely capture your taste buds. Enjoy the taste and benefit from the nutrients of farm-fresh ingredients.

But, not all Mexican restaurants are the same. Since the love for Mexican food has grown, a lot of businesses in the restaurant industry have also ventured into opening a Mexican restaurant of their own. Which one serves authentic Mexican food?

How Can You Identify an Authentic Mexican Restaurant?

Since Mexican food has taken a hit in the United States, it has also become a part of the fast-food industry. Many Americans created their own versions of Mexican cooking and there are some who may not quite serve real authentic Mexican dishes.

To know if a restaurant serves authentic Mexican food, look out for these sweet spots:

1. Corn Tortillas

The preferred tortilla in authentic Mexican cooking is the corn tortilla. Many Mexican restaurants today use flour tortilla because it is more available in the market, and cheaper and easier to produce.

However, the Mesoamerican history of traditional Mexican cooking introduced the corn tortilla as the first tortilla. They can be prepared in different colors. So don’t fret if the corn tortilla in a Mexican restaurant is not yellow because it can also be blue, red, and white.
One more important question you should ask a Mexican restaurant about their tortillas is if they’re gluten-free. Authentic Mexican tortillas are nothing but healthy and gluten-free corn tortillas are the gold standard because they are just made from masa harina and water.

2. Bland Salsa

Chips and salsa are an addictive combination. Salsa is a perfect fit for chips because it balances saltiness. But, only when the salsa is not as salty as the chips. Authentic Mexican salsa is prepared bland.

The flavors that should be outstanding are those that come from the tomatoes with a little spice. There are many forms of salsa prepared traditionally in Mexico. Some favorite salsas include:

  • Pico de Gallo
  • Salsa Verde
  • Chiltomate

Authentic Mexican restaurants know how to serve each salsa to match the perfect dish.

3. Cilantro

Authentic Mexican cooking would not be complete without cilantro. Spaniards introduced this divisive herb to Mexico and ever since then, it has become a staple in traditional Mexican dishes. You should see and taste cilantro in almost every authentic Mexican dish served in a Mexican restaurant.

4. Taco in Non-Taco Forms

What makes tacos authentic is having them served in soft-shell corn tortillas and topped with cilantro and onion. You don’t get authentic Mexican tacos with all the ingredients, like lots of lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

5. Margarita

The real margarita in Mexico is prepared with only three ingredients: tequila, lime or lemon juice, and triple sec. So, when you see other ingredients and other varieties of margaritas on the menu, they are definitely not authentic.

What is Considered Authentic Mexican Food?

Now that you have an idea of what you should look for on the menu when you step into a Mexican restaurant to let you know if they serve authentic Mexican dishes, consider these other ways you will know if the food is authentically Mexican:

  • Cooked in cast iron skillets
  • Food is steamed or fried
  • Different types of chili peppers
  • A variety of herbs and spices

Do All Mexican Restaurants Taste the Same?

Some Mexican-food lovers complain that all the food in a Mexican restaurant tastes the same. This happens when the food served is not prepared in the traditional Mexican way and does not use authentic Mexican ingredients. It is most likely that the Mexican dishes are prepared in an Americanized way.

Authentic Mexican restaurants serve dishes that have distinct and diverse flavors. You will know if you are in the right Mexican restaurant when you experience the various spices and preparations of authentic Mexican cooking.

With this said, not all Mexican restaurants that you step into in the U.S. taste the same. There are some who have infused American flavor into Mexican dishes and a few who remain authentic in preparation and ingredients.

El Rincón, an authentic Mexican restaurant, is one place you can try the great flavors of Mexico.


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