The Ins and Outs of Tesla Home Batteries

Tesla Home Batteries

Looking to maximize your use of solar energy, while protecting your home against unexpected power outages? When it comes to backup power, installing a battery for storage of solar energy is a natural and cost-effective solution you should be considering for your home.

Powerful Protection

A tesla home battery is an efficient way to house your backup solar energy. It works by packing away sunlight during the day that can then be used to power your home during the evening or in the event of a power outage. These systems work automatically, which means fewer worries for you and your household.

The battery systems turn on after they detect solar grid failure. This backup transition is quick and simple, so your appliances continue to run, and your life is not shut down just because your grid is not working. Plus, these batteries can be seamlessly added to your already in-place solar energy system due to their wide range of compatibility.
It is no secret that blackouts are unfortunately continuing to occur from grid overuse. On a blistering hot day, there is a decent chance of grid failure, causing home blackouts. This is exactly why it is so helpful to have home batteries installed. By storing solar energy, you and your family can continue to eat properly refrigerated food, wash dishes, and do laundry, amongst other daily necessities. The beauty of this is that you do not have to compromise carbon footprint reduction or convenience!

Lightening Loads

The batteries allow you and your family to use solar energy when you need it the most. You might be at work during peak grid hours, meaning you are not utilizing the amount of energy being generated at that time. This excess feeds back into the grid, however you will most likely want to use that extra energy during the night to watch TV, surf the internet, and run home appliances.

By feeding energy into your batteries during the day, you are charging them to use that night, in cases of inclement weather, or blackouts. To pull this off effortlessly, make sure to make the necessary adjustments so that the sun is recharging your batteries by day, every day.

Illuminating Installation

Luckily for you, these home batteries have an easy installation process. They are typically installed for one flat rate, which includes the arrangement, hardware, and the battery itself. Their design is sleek and stylish yet minimalistic, making them blend in effortlessly.

Tesla’s batteries are versatile in how they fit into your home. You can install them on your home’s floor level or mounted to a wall, depending on your personal preference. Decide that you would rather not have the battery on the interior of your home at all? No problem! Batteries can be conveniently placed on your home’s exterior just as they can be on the interior.

Need more than one battery? No worries, you can stack up to ten of them together. As long as you keep the rain and dust-resistant home batteries from temperatures above 122°F and below -4°F degrees, they should work in tip-top shape!

Brightening Bills

Like the sound of living without a pesky power bill? Believe it or not, switching to solar power is the most efficient way to lower your bill! Having home batteries reduce your cost of power further as energy is poured back into the solar-panel grid. Many owners of these energy-storers even get credited a small amount on their statements. This means they are being paid for powering their homes with solar energy. The fewer the bills, the lighter you will feel, and the more your wallet will thank you.

Gas and coal are still predominant sources of fuel. You can make a difference by using renewable resources to their full potential. Given that the solar battery optimizes your solar self-consumption, your efforts to help the environment are thoroughly rewarded.
Home batteries are sure to be multi-beneficial while looking great! They reduce your carbon footprint by giving you power when you and your family need it the most. With painless installation, a modern design, and long-term financial favor, there is no doubt that these nifty means of storage prove to be an essential addition to your solar energy system.


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