Television Programmes Over 60s Should Watch


Television series is one of the world’s most common entertainment devices. We initially saw television as ‘the fool box’, mostly because it was all about entertainment back in those days but not today. The whole definition of television has changed. We have taken advantage of the invention of video.

Television is a good source of entertainment, thrill, and education, especially in the elder age. Television series is a life-changing forum for elderly people because it gives them a sprinkling of fun and happiness into daily life.

Seniors and Television Series

It is often difficult to keep the elderly occupied throughout the day. Watching a video, show, or documentary is an ideal way to spend the day with pleasure. Also, a television show is the best option which will give the person full enjoyment and thrill. Depending on mood and individual preference, this article will guide you through the different television series that you can watch:

  • Drama and comedy – adding fun or giggle to the day and known as amusing.
  • Gaming – gives such a challenge to the mind.
  • Documentaries for those who like insightful content;
  • Reality displays – for a few eye-catching scenarios.

Too many choices are available! Some suggestions are described below based on category:

Comedy and Drama

  • Grace and Frankie – They are not friends, but if their husbands abandon them, Grace and Frankie continue to bond in this Emmy-nominated show. You can find other shows like this in an article about TV habits of over 60s.
  • Medici The Magnificent – The visionary Medici Family is bending in diplomacy and the Renaissance Florence in the 15th century.
  • Velvet – Velvet is on bankruptcy’s verge. Don Gerardo, a friend of his father, promises to save Velvet if Alberto decides to marry Cristina’s daughter.
  • When calls the Heart – In the early 1900s, a woman moves West to be a teacher in a small Canadian mining town as she leaves behind its origins in its upper crust.
  • Madame Secretary – When a woman is a highly competent person, she tries to find a balance between the world political demands and the demands of her family.

Game Shows

  • Jeopardy! – In this Alex Trebek hosts one of the longest game shows in the world of television, where a trio of players have a passion for literature, arts, pop culture, and many other items.
  • Minute of Win it – In this game, the players must play with the household products in 60 seconds and can have fun.
  • Idiotest – Comedian Ben Gleib is hosting this game, in which two teams are trying to solve more and more complicated brain teasers. More quick responses mean more money.


  • Planet Earth – This pioneering show takes nature lovers to the Himalayas and through the depths of the ocean.
  • Life-Docu-Series – It is about Earth’s amazing abundance and incredible and remarkable strategies that have been produced to keep animals and plants alive.
  • Blue Planet – David Attenborough documents this last discovery of the underwater planet from known to unknown, showing the sea and its cultures.
  • Given – Surfing in 15 countries offers an opportunity for a young boy from Kauai to extend his horizons and gain a deeper understanding of life.

Reality Shows

  • The Final Table – Elite chef teams must impress the toughest palates in the world as they whip up famous dishes from nine countries in this competition full of stars.
  • The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes – Piers Taylor’s winning model, Caroline Quentin, an actress, and real estate enthusiast, travel the globe to wonderfully unique homes.
  • Instant Hotels – Australian home stays compete with each other in their rentals and rate their encounters for the title of the best Instant Hotel.

So go and have fun with all these amazing television series of your choice.


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