Reasons Why your Upholstery Needs Regular Cleaning

Upholstery Needs Cleaning

An upholstered furniture is a form of comfort and luxury in a commercial or domestic space that consists of foam-stuffed covers to enclose a metal or wooden frame. The covers are made out of leather or fabrics like cotton, wool, polyester, etc.

The variety that this kind of furniture offers is manifold. Existing in different shapes and sizes, upholstered furniture can range from chairs to sofas. Its durability, longevity and low maintenance make it a necessary feature in any household. Also a significant impression-maker, the state of your upholstery can be reflective of your character.

Read below to find out some reasons why your upholstery needs regular cleaning:

1. Regular use demands regular cleaning

There are many different types of upholstered furniture. Many opt for this style of furniture for its design, size and fabric options to suit the interiors. No matter the usage and placement in the house, upholstered furniture demands some maintenance.

The fabric and the padding are prone to soaking up liquid and creating stains that are hard to remove. Even if you wipe it off on the surface, the spillage is embedded deeper into the fabric and padding. To avoid making any permanent stains, it is recommended that you hire a professional for a deep cleaning with their equipment such as an upholstery steam cleaner. This will help remove any spillage from its roots and make your furniture look like it’s brand new.

2. To remove bacteria and pathogens

Although your soft furnishings may appear clean and presentable on the surface, they are a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Simply sitting on them can release some harmful pathogens or allergens in the air which can, in turn, lead to some serious diseases.

You can use a vacuum cleaner or hire a professional cleaning service to use some up-to-date and best upholstery cleaning machines to get rid of germs hidden to the naked eye.

3. To save money

Purchasing good upholstered furniture needs good investment and you want to last long. With regular maintenance, you reduce the chances of your upholstery getting torn, the fabric’s colour fading away or getting it reupholstered. This not only increases the life of your furniture but also saves your money.

4. To maintain the appearance

When you use upholstered furniture for a long time, it might lead to some stains, dirt, grime and foul odour. This becomes more problematic when pets are in the house.

This can be avoided with regular cleaning so that germs and bacteria don’t get a chance to settle on the surface of your upholstery.

5. To keep it comfortable

When you look after your upholstered furniture on a regular basis, you avoid the chances of it getting worn out. You want your furniture to offer you comfort and a place to relax. When you look at it, you shouldn’t have to worry about its condition.


You may have bought your choice of upholstered furniture for your house, but after two months, without maintenance, it might start showing signs of ageing. You will try your best to recover its old condition and end up feeling disappointed.

Regular maintenance is a must for any upholstered furniture, be it a sofa or a chair. You don’t want your investment to go to waste or to save up for a replacement which would eventually meet with the same fate without maintenance. So buckle up for some general maintenance and when all fails, be open to hiring a cleaning service. They will not only pay attention to all the nooks and crannies of your furniture but also make it a star of your house!


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