Reasons to use chicken coops made from steel


Suppose you’re thinking of getting a chicken coop. In that case, it’s better to get one made from wood or steel since it houses expensive poultry and should be durable, solid, secure, and withstand rough weather and other external conditions. However, steel fares better than wood in many aspects, including the ones covered by this article.

Steel coops last much longer

Steel is more durable than wood because it’s robust and less likely to rot, decay or damage. It is highly durable and resistant to insects and pests such as ants, termites and carpenter bees (and other critters), making it ideal for coops.

Steel is more resistant to damage from animals and humans because it’s harder to break than wood or plastic. Steel doesn’t rust as quickly as other materials and can withstand extreme temperatures without warping or melting in your home’s heat source, like an oven.

And finally, there are no fires that might occur if you leave a piece of chicken wire out in direct sunlight for too long, which could cause serious harm to both yourself and others around them. The coop’s steel frame contains heavy-duty steel tubing, which doesn’t warp as wood does over time due to its strength and easy-to-clean surface finish on top.

It is highly versatile

Steel is a versatile material, allowing you to customize it into any shape, size or style. You’ll find that steel is easy to work with and will enable you to have a design that suits your needs without compromising on quality or function.

It’s easier to maintain and clean

Since a steel coop is less likely to warp, crack or split than wood, it is easier to clean it with soap and water and disinfect it if necessary. If you have a wooden chicken coop, you’ll need special tools to remove splinters and other debris inside its walls. And if anything gets damaged in the process (like a hole), you can only replace its parts, such as railings or perches, rather than repair the whole thing!

It is eco-friendly

Steel is recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about throwing away something used for one purpose (like a wooden table). For example, if you live in an area where there aren’t enough trees available for lumber production or if there are none due to deforestation efforts elsewhere, steel might be your best bet when building your chicken coop. It makes sense because chickens don’t eat food except what they find in their environment.

Available in various color options

Steel coops are available in various color options, including off-white, ironstone, shale grey, pale eucalypt, and paperbark/merino. Some colors available for corrugated steel are classic cream, gully, cottage green, basalt, evening haze, mangrove, and the night sky.

The installation process is quick

The installation process for a coop made from steel is quick because you can install the structure using a few essential tools. However, if you cannot install it yourself, you can call the company’s experts, who will assist you with the installation, concreting, and site preparation and even help you secure the permits if required. You can also benefit from tutorial videos on or similar websites specializing in building and supplying such designs.

In conclusion, a steel chicken coop provides many benefits. It’s easy to work with, can be customized to fit any design and look great, lasts much longer than wood, gives you more options for cleaning and maintenance, and helps the environment.


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