Everything You Need To Know About Michael Oher Siblings

Michael Oher Siblings

The full name of Michael Oher is Michael Jerome Oher, and he was born on May 28, 1986. He played college football in Mississippi, and he also played in the national football league for eight seasons. People see him as a celebrity in the United States, and he has earned a lot of fame and respect for his play on the field. His background is of a broken home with various siblings. Hollywood released a movie named “The Blind Side” in honor of his life and family.

Michael Oher Parents

He is one of the ten children of the American parents Michael Jerome William and Denis Oher. His mother was a drug abuser, and his father was a convict. His childhood was unpleasant and was neglected by his parents during his initial years. He missed his mother but separated from her and went to foster care. He had a tough time in his education. But the parents who adopted him sent him to the University of Mississippi, where he got admission to various universities based on sports scholarships. The name of his adoptive parents is Leah Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy.

Michael Oher siblings

The names of Michael Oher’s siblings are as follows:

  • Marcus
  • Carlos
  • Andre
  • John
  • Tara
  • DeJuan
  • Denise
  • Rico
  • Michael Oher siblings from his adoptive family are a brother and sister, Collins and Sean Tuohy.

Rico is the oldest, and Sean Tuohy is the youngest of all his siblings. His adoptive parents were rich white, and his journey from a black family to a white family is unbelievable.
He owns an app Good deeds that connect neighbors for sharing necessities like goods, clothes, shoes, etc. The behavior of Michael Oher with his siblings is generous.


We hope this article is informative for you. Despite a broken background and stressed childhood, Michael Oher love for football has made him a celebrity. He is a role model for youth. People love him and respect him because of his passion for football. The blind side was just a movie and a glimpse into his life, but his actual life challenges are not portrayed efficiently in the film.

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