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Mathematics is a complicated subject. When it comes to solving problems we often tend to get confused and go out of track. Sometimes the right solution to any word problem becomes confusing because we don’t know what formula to use and getting the right formula and analysis of the problem is only possible when you know the basics and all the concepts are clear in your head. Similarly, when it comes to geometry, the concept of angles, shapes, and lines can get confusing and you can now learn concepts of angles, right angle, congruent angle, etc. easily on Cuemath.

Cuemath is curated especially for students who love exploring and studying new concepts. You can simply get registered with Cuemath and start your journey with them to get the ultimate guidance.

In these tough times, it is difficult to cope up with the process of proper learning. Not going to classes and getting a one-on-one teaching experience can be difficult and with the current situation in mind, it has also become impossible to go somewhere and get tuition and the help you need while studying.

Since Cuemath believes that the education and learning process must never stop, it has curated a lot of courses that are accessible to all the students on its website. You can simply go to and find the topic you want to study. There you can choose which class you want to study for and then go to the subjects and choose the topic you want to learn. There are a variety of topics and Cuemath covers all of them with a brief explanation.

Topics of geometry like the right angles are pretty interesting and easy to understand with the help of Cuemath. A right angle is an angle that makes 90 degrees when measured with the protractor. A right angle is perpendicular to the line and therefore it makes a perfect angle. The right-angled triangle has one angle which measures 90 degrees and the others measure less than 90 as the total of all angles of the triangle is 180. As we all know that a triangle consists of three sides, the ratio of all the sides in a right-angled triangle makes 3:4:5 which is also known as the “Pythagorean triple”. The hypotenuse is always on the opposite of the right angle formed.

There are different theorems made to find the angles and value of all the sides of a right-angled triangle. The most common and basic theorem is the Pythagoras theorem and it is also the most important theorem to be applied in the concept of right-angled triangles. The Pythagoras theorem states that the value of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of both sides. This is important to understand to move further with the concept of right angles and right-angled triangles. It is also applicable in quadrants like rectangles and squares and there are different rules which you have to follow to solve all the problems. Right angles are a part of Euclid’s Elements. Many concepts of angles are correlated and therefore you need to study all to even apply them in one of the main parts of applications of Trigonometry. It is also an important topic to understand the depletions and elevations of structures.

Cuemath gives you a platform where you can get access to all the topics related to right angles and congruent angles. The basics of geometry are important to understand if you want to learn ahead of mensuration and its concepts. It is also important while learning the construction of angles.

With the help of Cuemath, you can easily gain knowledge and make your basics strong in not just geometry but also in other topics which you find challenging and make the journey of learning maths an easy one. So, learn about congruent angles and right angles easily with Cuemath!


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