Le-Vel Thrive Side Effects Myths vs. Facts

Le-Vel Thrive

There’s a lot of buzz about Le-Vel Thrive. All you need to do is scroll through social media to see a nearly limitless number of Thrive reviews, personal experiences, testimonies, and enthusiastic promoters all jostling to share their own insights into what might be the most disruptive new approach to health and wellness of the last decade. But with that spotlight comes speculation and skepticism. And as with any breakthrough, there will always be people who invent stories of unseen dangers.

As a dedicated Thriver, I’ve been committed to the Thrive experience for several years at this point, and I’m here to offer my unique perspective in regards to Thrive side effects — the myths, and the facts.

So let’s get started:

Myth: Thrive Products Include Dangerous Synthetic Chemicals

A new health and wellness product that actually works? A lot of people see the staggering results offered by the Thrive Experience and they assume there’s something unnatural and dangerous at work. And this is probably forgivable — thanks to designer-chemical diet drugs like Fen-Phen being pulled from the shelves due to serious health risks, a lot of us are wary about products that seem too good to be true. But what about Thrive? What kinds of strange, abnormal ingredients are hidden in Le-Vel products?

Fact: Thrive Includes Only Natural Ingredients

The myth of synthetic ingredients is pretty easy to bust; you just have to look at the Thrive nutrition labels!

All the ingredients used in Le-Vel Thrive are naturally sourced. In fact, most of what you get when you take the capsules, down the shake, or slap on the DFT are essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics, amino acids, and antioxidants. The rest are beneficial plant extracts. And even if there are some words you might not recognize, like ForsLean and Cosmoperine, it doesn’t take much research to see that these are just product names for other plant extracts (from the Coleus forskohlii plant and black pepper, respectively) that have been shown to naturally aid in weight management and nutrient absorption.

In other words, when you use Thrive, you’re getting nothing but natural ingredients and the valuable nutrients your body needs (but probably isn’t getting).

Myth: Thrive DFT Causes Rashes and Other Skin Irritation

What’s the most revolutionary part of the Thrive Experience? Most people would point to the Thrive DFT. Standing for Dermafusion Technology, this proprietary advancement uses a unique delivery method to “infuse the derma (skin) with Le-Vel’s unique, premium grade THRIVE Lifestyle formula” (as described by the Thrive website). You use the DFT by placing it on a clean, dry, lean patch of skin. And that’s where certain people get anxious. What does it do to your skin? Can it cause redness? Rashes? Other kinds of irritation?

Fact: Thrive DFT Is Unlikely to Cause Irritation if Used Correctly

This myth is a little harder to address outright. After all, everyone is different, and some people suffer from extremely sensitive skin that gets itchy and sore when exposed to even the most benign things. It’s conceivable that some of these users might experience mild irritation from using the DFT. But in most cases and for most people, the DFT doesn’t cause any problems — provided it’s used as directed.

Thrive instructions clarify that the DFT should only be applied to clean, dry areas of skin, should be replaced every 24 hours, and shouldn’t be applied to the same patch of skin for multiple consecutive days. Many of those who report skin irritation are also those who fail to follow the directions or have an unknown allergy, and we can hardly hold that against the Thrive DFT. Leaving the DFT on for too long, failing to wash your skin properly before applying, or only applying it to the same area day after day is a recipe for potential irritation.

Myth: Thrive Causes Headaches, Nausea, and Anxiety

This feels like what I like to call a ‘kitchen sink’ myth — if someone is skeptical about a product and experiences any kind of discomfort while using it, they just throw it into a bucket of ‘potential side effects’ (whether or not the issue is actually related). In cases like these, it helps to remember that there’s causation and correlation, and in many cases there’s simply no relation at all.

Fact: Most Users Report No Negative Thrive Side Effects

Although this particular myth can be difficult to dispel entirely (after all, who am I to tell someone that they didn’t get a sour tummy after drinking a Thrive Shake?), most users don’t experience any issues but everyone is different and may react accordingly to introducing new supplements into their system. And although that’s not exactly proof, it is evidence of Le-Vel’s legitimacy.

Am I saying that no one has ever or will ever experience nausea, headaches, anxiety, etc. from Thrive products? Not at all. As I said before, everyone has different body chemistry. For example, a person with a high sensitivity to caffeine could potentially experience any or all of these symptoms when exposed to the natural caffeine in Thrive. At the same time, those with other pre-existing allergies or other medical conditions might have other complications from some of Le-Vel Thrive’s natural ingredients. There are just too many variables to make a blanket statement.

But in essentially every case, a healthy adult with no specific sensitivities will be able to enjoy the benefits of Thrive without having to worry about side effects. As always, talking with your healthcare provider can help you identify any possible complications before you start using Thrive products.

Don’t Believe the Myths

If you’re a healthy adult, are willing to follow the directions, and are interested in giving the Thrive Experience a try, don’t let the myths and rumors stand in your way. I’ll put it to you straight: There are no recognized Thrive side effects, unless of course you include the ‘side effect’ of increased confidence and a healthier lifestyle.

As for me, I’m going to continue thriving — regardless of the myths.


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