Is It Safe to Use a Steam Cleaner on Walls?


Have you been looking for a way to freshen up the walls in your home?

You know that using a mop and bucket doesn’t really get the job done. Why waste your time scrubbing hard-to-reach places?

Now you can use a steam cleaner on your walls. Just find a corner and set the steam cleaner’s body in it. 

Before you head out to buy a steam cleaner, though, you have to ask yourself one question first. Is it safe to use a steam cleaner on walls?

Steam Cleaner Effects on Different Wall Materials

Generally, vinyl, tile, carpet, and fabric walls are safe to clean with a steam cleaner. Even porous stones such as travertine can be safely cleaned with a steam cleaner, as long as they are sealed properly beforehand.

However, walls made of bare wood, brick, or drywall should not be steam cleaned. They are absorbent and can be damaged by the high heat and pressure of a steam cleaner.

It is best to research the wall material and consult with a professional before choosing to steam clean in order to avoid causing further damage to the walls. For a more thorough clean, consider hiring a professional steam cleaner or visit this site for the job.

What to Consider Before Using a Steam Cleaner

When considering the use of a steam cleaner on your walls, it is important to take into account the type of wall, the paint and its finish, and the intended use of the steam cleaner. Steam pressure levels can cause untold damage if the paint on the wall is unsuitable or too fragile, and the wrong type of steam cleaner may leave scratches or blemishes on the surface.

Moreover, wall surfaces are generally more delicate than fabrics and carpets, so less direct force should be used when steam cleaning wall surfaces. It is also important to check the safety instructions of the steam cleaner itself, as some models are not designed to be used on walls.

When steam cleaning walls, it is important to use a mild detergent and avoid using excessive pressure or heat. This will help protect the walls from damage. Additionally, be sure to allow the walls to dry thoroughly after steam cleaning, as moisture can lead to mold growth and other damage.

Choosing Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners for walls can be used to deep clean hard surfaces that may have built up dirt and debris. However, different surfaces have different cleaning requirements.

When choosing a steam cleaner, it is important to select one that is suited for the type of surface being cleaned. Some surfaces may require a light cleaning solution, while others may need a more powerful solution.

Additionally, some steam cleaners may not be suitable for certain surfaces, such as wallpaper, gloss paints, or aggregate stone. To ensure safety, make sure to read the product instructions or contact the manufacturer for advice before using a steam cleaner on walls.

Learn More About Using Steam Cleaner on Walls

Using a steam cleaner on walls is a great decision. Use at your own discretion, as they could potentially damage the surface if instructions are not followed precisely.

Remember to always keep your walls and surfaces clean to avoid any hazardous dust and particles. Contact a professional for more resources on safely cleaning your walls with a steam cleaner.

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