Instagram Marketing Is All About Using Visual Psychology to Drive More Traffic


Most of the businesses use Instagram with one primary objective: use this video and photo-sharing platform optimally to gain more followers and traffic to their site. This will automatically and inevitably increase their sales prospects and business revenue.

When it comes to Instagram, it is all about visual psychology. This is used in the best way possible by expert marketers and professionals. When the visuals, which include pictures and videos, are carefully selected and posted at the right time, it spurs the interest in the viewers to know more and even buy a product. You can find many best ways to create Instagram content.

  • It is all about human psychology, which says that visuals create a much better impact than any texts. This is what drives people ‘crazy’ and makes the post go viral on social media platforms.
  • The posts leverage the social media clout, which is the primary objective behind all marketing and communication efforts.

It is typically the Instagram direct message feature that will do the trick and perform much better than the traditional marketing processes. All you have to do is create better messages that will create an immediate impact on the minds of the people.

It is not a new concept

When it comes to marketing, ask an expert, or look up on sites like or others, you will see that using psychology in marketing is not a new concept. Well, as far as visual psychology is concerned, it may seem new to you simply due to the fact that Instagram itself is new, just about a decade old.

In order to use this psychology in marketing, you will first need to believe that this is the phenomenon in which emotions of the consumers are played to compel them to buy. Psychology can come into play in different forms, even if it is required to create seductive moods for that matter.

  • It is all about what the consumers ‘want’ to do and to deliver them what they want, exactly. This means that more than the autonomy and independence factors, it is the desire factor that should come into play when you create visual psychology and implement it in your marketing strategy.
  • Using psychology to sell can be done in many different forms, but the primary objective behind it remains the same. For that, you can use both seductive and appealing visual elements along with a copy of your Instagram posts.

It is all about visual perception, which is the concept of depicting an object depending on how the viewers see them.

Create a better first impression

Creating visual psychology is much different from creating a visual illusion. The visual illusion is about creating a perception of an object that is not there, well not yet, in the minds of the viewers. On the other hand, visual psychology is the difference in emotion that the visual creates in the minds of the viewers according to their point of view.

Therefore, for creating the best visual psychology, you will need to focus on the first impression created by the web page on the minds of the viewers. First impressions matter most both in the real as well as in the virtual world and this is what you should realize and implement as a marketer.

The elements that are related to first impressions include:

  • Profile pictures
  • Your bio and
  • Latest posts.

Make sure that all these three are carefully selected, created, and implemented so that when a user clicks on your profile, there should not be any questions in their mind.

Change in the concept of the meme

What does that come to your mind when you think about an Instagram Meme? It must be something that is funny! However, it can be pop-cultural and clever as well.
Looking at it in a broader sense, a meme is a piece of media that does round on the internet passing from one person to another. These memes are:

  • Something that carries cultural relevance
  • Funny or clever and
  • A combination of images and text.

A meme can be a photo, a video, or a GIF and are very, very popular on the Instagram platform.

However, the concept and use of memes have started to change as different businesses and brands have started using it in their marketing campaigns. This has enabled them to move away from using only a highly curated feed to using something that is both funny and authentic.

Since these memes are relatable, shareable, and relevant, these can create a high level of brand engagement and awareness. It will not only add value and drive more product interest but will also help you to get a lot of likes, shares, comments, and saves.

Choose images wisely

Whether you use a meme or a video, Instagram is a visual platform that needs you to choose your images carefully. Believe it or not, it is your images more than the text that will create more brand awareness and value.

Therefore, you will need to make sure that your images promote your brand and product but not make the users feel that you are too salesy.

  • The best way to do so and play safe is to show the human side of your company as well as the behind-the-scenes images.
  • Also, make sure that you keep your message short, simple, and sweet without reiterating on and on how good you are in the business.

Let your photo do the talking, which is the best and most commonly followed approach to create brand awareness campaigns on social media.

Relate to your followers

At all times, you should stay relevant to your brand and relate to your users on Instagram in order to promote your business in the best possible way. Though targeting your consumers are your primary objective, you can do this the other way around by establishing buyer personas, lead nurturing, and promoting your brand almost everywhere possible.

Make sure that when you promote your brand across all channels, you add an Instagram icon to leverage this channel.



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