Injured After a Car Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do ASAP

Injured After a Car Accident

Of the 6 million car accidents that occur each year in the United States, approximately 3 million people suffer injuries. Two-thirds of those injured (2 million people) are left with permanent injuries.

Reckless driving, speeding, and the use of alcohol are among the leading causes of car accidents, which in addition to injuries result in 40,000 fatalities annually.

If you have been injured after a car accident, there are important steps that you should take both in terms of treating any injuries sustained and getting the justice that you deserve.

The aftermath of an accident can be a difficult and confusing time. In this blog post, we will highlight the steps that you should take after a car accident.

Get to a Safe Place

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, it is important to stay calm and move yourself (and your car if possible) away from the road. You should assess yourself for any injuries and check on the well-being of any other individuals involved in the accident.

Even if you and the other individuals involved appear to be okay, it is recommended that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is possible that you haven’t recognized the extent of any injuries sustained due to shock. Car accident whiplash, for example, may not be instantly recognizable.

Call the Police

Once you have gotten to safety and assessed any injuries, you should call the police. The report that the police will file will be important when you are seeking compensation as it can help to determine liability.

The police will ask you to provide insurance details and basic personal information.

Document the Aftermath of the Accident

This process can begin at the scene of the accident by taking photographs of your vehicle and the scene as a whole. If there are witnesses, it is helpful to speak to them and gather as much information as you can.

It is also essential that you document all of your accident-related expenses which may include lost wages and medical expenses. Keeping a journal that documents your pain and suffering is also recommended.

Speak to a Lawyer

A lawyer will help you to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation that you are entitled to. They will work to obtain the evidence necessary to prove liability in a claim.

A lawyer will help to obtain evidence of damage, organize medical records, negotiate with defendants and/or insurers, and negotiate a settlement.

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What to Do After Being Injured After a Car Accident

The above information can help you receive the justice and compensation that you deserve after suffering a car accident injury. Employing the services of a qualified lawyer is essential to navigate the aftermath of a car accident.

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