The Importance of Auto Frame Repair After a Collision

Auto Frame Repair

Property damage from vehicle accidents totaled $474 billion in 2020. This ranged from minor dings and bumps to major structural damage resulting in the vehicle getting totaled. Sometimes, the most significant damage is where you can’t see it.

Auto frame repair is one of the most important and most dreaded types of vehicle repair. You won’t see the frame damage, but you’ll certainly feel its effects.

This guide will explain the importance of frame damage repair.

What Is a Frame?

Your vehicle’s frame is the metal skeleton that your vehicle gets built on. It provides structural support and keeps everything aligned. The frame is made of sturdy metal and is designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle.

Types of Frames

The most used type of car frame is the unibody. Other common types of vehicle frames are the ladder, backbone tubular, space, and X-frame.

Why Does It Matter?

Modern innovations have designed “crumple zones” into the frame. These are areas that are designed to absorb the majority of kinetic energy created in a collision. This protects the passengers from bearing the brunt of the impact.

Signs of Frame Damage

The most obvious sign of frame damage is looking at the frame and seeing it bent or damaged. However, not all damage is obvious. A bent frame can knock your car out of alignment.

This leads to uneven wear on your car’s shocks, suspension, tires, and other components. You may hear unusual noise while driving or turning. When driving straight, you can have poor wheel tracking.

Why Do You Need to Fix Your Damaged Car Frame?

Minor collision repair isn’t necessary if your frame’s crumple zones are still intact. However, if the damage is greater, then repair is necessary to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Consult with the experts, such as CSI Collision Specialist, to determine the severity of your vehicle’s damage.

Neglecting frame damage can lead to more expensive repairs further down the line. As parts wear unevenly, you’ll need to replace them sooner. Other parts can become more susceptible to damage, resulting in repairs you wouldn’t have otherwise needed.

Is Frame Straightening Safe?

When done by a professional, frame repair can make your damaged frame almost as safe as it was before the accident. In some cases, the additional bracing can make your car’s frame even stronger.

Attempting to repair the damage that’s more than a minor dent at home can be dangerous. This can result in a frame that isn’t fully repaired. Or worse, it can end up more dented than when you started your repair attempt.

Schedule Your Auto Frame Repair

If you’ve recently experienced an auto accident, then you should have an expert mechanic inspect your vehicle. They can advise whether or not you need auto frame repair. If it turns out your frame needs repair, then it’s vital you have the repairs done sooner rather than later.

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