How You Can Care A Weed Vaporizer

Weed Vaporizer

As with any device you use frequently, your vaporizer should always be clean. Sometimes the frequency of cleaning of your vaporizer depends on how often you use it. For regular users, it is best to clean your vaporizer at least twice per week. Although it may not be the funniest piece of work it is vital to keep your vaporizer working well so that it should carry pure vapor.

Cleaning your device is an important step to prolong the life of your vaporizer. Most new vaporizer purchasers will skip out on the cleaning set, but getting your device with the cleaning kit will save you money once you start using it. This post will explain how you can sanitize and clean your weed vaporizer.

How to sterilize a vaporizer

Before making use of your vaporizer, it is recommended to know some of the crucial factors. The new vaporizer can have leftover machine oils used during production. It has a certain scent and flavor, which can ruin your first weed vaporizer experience. It’s best to consider safety first and disinfect your device before the first use.

Do a heat off to remove any remaining machine oil by allowing it to run for some heating rounds with an unfilled chamber. Vacuuming the mouthpiece: Remove, soak in alcohol, wipe, wash and dry. If you have any other non-electronic fragments that are detachable, you can apply this same method. Clean the gas route, the track where the vapor passes through before reaching your mouth by running a cotton swab or pipe cleaner through it. Change the bag if you are using a desktop vaporizer, or even change the bag when it gets dirty or gluey from herb resin.

Furthermore, if you are sharing your device with another person regularly, you need to clean the mouthpiece to break the spread of germs. Having some handy cleaning wipes to kill bacteria is always a secure way if you are a caring and sharing type of person.

How you can clean your vaporizer

It is advisable to clean your vaporizer right after the session, and it’s really enjoyable to do while feeling the effects. If you make it part of your routine, your vaporizer will always be set and clean when you need to be lifted. Make sure that your device is switched off and there is not too much heat, and remove the mouthpiece from your vaporizer. You can use a brush to remove any leftovers from the weed chamber, use cotton with alcohol, and brush inside the chamber till it is clean. Clean your device with a pipe cleaner with alcohol, and run it through inside the gas path till the walls are clean.

Taking good care of your vaporizer is essential, excess can build up which can make you feel uncomfortable when using your device. It’s okay to use the device without cleaning for a few sessions, but it should not be for a long time or it will be difficult to clean it. An unclean vaporizer doesn’t work well, so it is best you should always keep your device clean.


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