Know, How to Surprise a Long-distance Partner


The bond that people in long-distance relationships share is impeccable. Keeping up the charm and love, while you are in a long-distance relationship can be a daunting task. But small gestures like a surprise visit or a surprise online delivery can surely keep up the spark in your love-life. It is quite necessary to show your presence to your partner, living miles away from you not just because you are in love but also to show them that you are always there for them.

So, below we have summed up a few gifts and gestures that will help you to please your partner, even if you are away.

1. Write a Letter

No matter how old-school this sounds but love letters sent via post are still in. Don’t you think that apart from receiving bills and other official letters, your partner deserves a surprise handwritten letter from you? Yes, sure they do. So, pour your heart out about how much you love them and yearn for them. We bet, your partner would be left in awe.

2. A Care-package

We know you cannot cuddle your partner and make them a cup of coffee or give them a head massage. But don’t you think they still need to be pampered? Well, hand-pick a few body care products like a shower gel, aroma oil, body polishing kit, etc. and get it arranged in beautiful packaging. Send it right away at their address with a handwritten note on self-care.

3. Send Some Small Gifts

Nobody would deny the fact that once in a while, there are times in everyone’s life when they are broken. This can happen because of a monotonous life, living far away from your loved ones, or work pressure, etc. In such a situation, if you are unable to meet your partner in person, go for small gifts getting delivered at their doorstep. Like- you can order pizza to their doorstep or send cake to Delhi, or maybe zoom call your partner and sing a song for them.

4. A Surprise Holiday

Surprise visits are another old-school gesture, but it is time you twist it a bit. How? Well, go ahead and make bookings for a staycation during a long weekend. Try to keep that staycation in your partner’s town so that it becomes easier for them to come over. Take the help of their friend, if required.

5. Plan a Movie Date

Why not? Do not let distance be a barrier in your love. Plan a movie date with your partner through some digital channel. Ask your partner to make a theatre room set up with a bowl full of popcorns, cola, and some dim lights (you do the same). Now take your partner on a video call and play your favourite movie on the laptop or iPad. This would be an amazing experience for both of you.

6. Reunion Countdown Cards

You are in a long-distance relationship, so planning your meeting can be helpful. And when that meeting date is in ten days or a week (or less), make it more worthy with a reunion countdown. For this, you can make digital posters on the phone (or laptop) and share with your partner, or you can send flower bouquets with no. of flowers equal to the no. of days left to meet, and you are sorted.

All these gifts and gestures will be extra rocking if you do it by all your heart and no expectation in return. And always remember, your presence around your partner is not always needed in person. Your behaviour and care for them do the job pretty well.


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