How Photography Becomes An Art?


Are you passionate about photography and painting equally and have been wondering for a long time now how you can transform your photos into art? It is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is mix your mediums and implement some cool art effects to your photographs. This article is a detailed guide on how to use artistic Photoshop effects to give your photos a makeover by converting them into digital art.

Watercolour Photoshop

This action is developed to create stunning watercolour images from original photographs. Before you start working towards transforming your photograph into a work of art, you must make sure your image is of high resolution (a minimum of RGB mode and 8-bit). Next, you may need to install some software necessary to create such an effect ꟷ an action and brush.

This is required to developing a new layer by brushing over your subject. This is a layer created above the background, you can brush paint over your subject with any colour. Keep in mind to wait for a while before you run the action, then go ahead to adjust the layers to improve the effect.

Mixed media art Photoshop

This feature is a great way to apply similar action to generate a multitude of art possibilities. After installing this feature, take a sample image from the free stock image collection. After brushing over the object above the background, title this as ‘mask’.

Run the action in a similar manner and be patient to get the result, as this process may take more time than anticipated. You may choose to make certain adjustments to bring back some details of the original photograph. Furthermore, you can add dips to put some effects around the portrait.

Line art Photoshop

The lines Photoshop effect is a fancy cum modern cum funky way to style your photograph. Photographers mainly need to outline their photos to create a sci-fi style effect. This feature is mainly implemented of the image needs a techy twist. Install the action before starting to work on your image, then wait for a while to cherish the final image. You can choose to add a variety of lines, background and colour. As per the finished image is concerned, you may want it to be with colour or without.

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