How to Make Your Presentations Look Professional

Professional Presentations

Creating a presentation that looks professional is all about making the right impressions that capture your audience’s attention. You can either make a professional presentation by¬† or customizing the pre-existing PowerPoint templates or creating your custom-designed slides. However, preparing a presentation to look professional requires additional effort and skills.

If you prepare your PowerPoint slides professionally, they can be useful when illustrating business objectives or visualizing data. So, how do you prepare your presentations to look professional?

Tips to help you make professional PowerPoint presentations

1. Create a Draft of Your Presentation Titles before You Design

Before you embark on designing your slides, you must define what your message entails and its goals. At this stage of creating your presentation, you don’t need to use a computer. Instead, you can use a sketchpad or sheets of paper to draft titles for your slides. You can compare the headlines and rearrange them to give your presentation a logical flow of the message you intend to pass. Ensure your presentation story has a concise beginning, middle, and end.

2. Begin with a Title Slide that Captures Attention

The title slide you create determines whether or not your audience will pay attention to your presentation. Attract your audience with a title slide that directly focuses on the message you intend to pass. You can also inform your audience upfront on their involvement in the presentation. For instance, you can let them know that they will help select a new logo for your business re-branding strategy.

3. Use PowerPoint Templates to build Engaging Slides.

Designing professional presentations can be extremely time-consuming. There are so many factors to consider: fonts, colors, images, overall design, shapes, etc. It can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming to build engaging presentations.

One of the easiest ways of making your presentation look professional is to use a PowerPoint template. Templates at SlideUpLift are pre-designed to give you the best looking visuals and aesthetics without the hassle of designing them yourself. These PowerPoint templates are fully customizable and will give you enough options to make your dull presentations engaging. Designed by PowerPoint specialists, these templates are specifically made to help you deliver compelling and impactful presentations. There is an extensive library of free PowerPoint templates to get you started.

4. Focus on a Single Point per Slide

Ensure your audience can easily absorb the information you pass to them. You can achieve this by organizing your message and emphasizing one point in a single slide. Piling several points in a single presentation slide can overwhelm your audience leading to confusion. Simply put, you should share a single thought per slide. In the end, this makes your presentation appear professional.

5. Write Concise Points in Your Slides

You should understand that if your audience gets distracted by reading your slides, they won’t pay attention to you. Ensure you limit the text you write per slide as this will maximize message delivery. Write precise points that you can expound on as you explain to your audience.

Select a minimum font size of 24 points to ensure your audience won’t struggle to peruse your slides. You should only use a single headline with short and concise sentences per slide. If you have to use bullet points, ensure you only include three to five of them accompanied by precise sentences.

6. Use Visual Aids like Images

You should keenly select images to include in your business presentation design to strengthen your presentation’s message. For instance, you can utilize charts and graphs to illustrate trends and comparisons. If used correctly, images can help explain points in a much easier way than words. A bar chart image can better deliver the message when comparing the sales growth in one-quarter relative to other quarters. Besides, audiences tend to follow illustrative visual aids more attentively than text.

7. Invite a Colleague to Peruse Through Your Presentation

Invite a different person to read through your presentation to identify and correct some mistakes. Some typo errors can be embarrassing and may create a wrong perception of your presentation. It’s essential for you to thoroughly edit your presentation before going live to eliminate minor errors and give it a professional look.

8. Conclude with a Convincing Call to Action

Your presentation’s final slides should summarize the content and direct your audience on what to do next. An excellent call to action should be optimistic, concise, and practical. If your presentation was for the external business audience, include a call to action, prompting them to reach out to you for additional information.


Preparing a presentation that looks professional and that your audience can applaud requires careful design. You must have the right skills and tips to make captivating presentations. For instance, you should create a draft of the titles for your presentation and a title slide that captures attention. Also, ensure you focus on a single point per slide, write concise points, use visual aids, and invite a colleague to read through. Finally, you can conclude your presentation with a clear call to action. Ultimately, these tips and tricks will help you make your presentation look professional.


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