How to Download Facebook Videos in Full HD Resolution for Free?

Download Facebook Videos

To download videos from Facebook in high quality, you need to take help from a third-party tool.

It is impossible to save a video from Facebook because of some restrictions; there isn’t even an option available to download videos offline like the one given by YouTube.

People who want to save videos from Facebook would always often use the screen recording feature on their devices.

You can save any clip or reel you want by using this feature, but you must know that the quality of the video saved would not be good at all, and you would also have to do some cropping and trimming to remove the unwanted background from the video.

This would affect the quality even more.

If you want to download Facebook videos or reels in full HD resolution for free, then you need to try the Facebook video downloader.

Facebook video downloader

FB video downloader is an online tool that can grab and save any video you want from any profile or page.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of a video downloader for Facebook, then you certainly need to read this article.

This article provides information about the Facebook video downloader and how to use it to save HD videos from Facebook without any trouble.

Let us dig into the details of using the tool so that you can start saving your favorite videos.

Facebook Video Downloader – Reliable Option for Saving Videos from FB

Users who want to save videos from Facebook in Full HD resolution can easily try the online Facebook video downloader.

When you search on Google for the best Facebook video downloader, you are going to find dozens of tools in the search results. It is best that you choose a free and reliable tool.

Readers who are reading about the FB video downloader must be wondering how to download videos from Facebook with these tools.

Well, don’t worry; using an FB video downloader is quite easy. You can do it in three to four steps.

Steps to Download Videos from Facebook with an Online FB Video Saver!

Here we have given the step-by-step guide to how you can save any video you want with the best tool:

Copy URL of the Video from Facebook

If you want to save a video from FB with the online video downloader, then you need to have the URL or link of the video, you can copy the link to the video quite easily.

There are two ways to do so. The first method is to right-click on the video and chooses the ‘copy link’ button.

And the second way is to copy the URL of the video by using the three dots option in the top right corner of the video.

Navigate to the Homepage of the Downloader Tool

Now that you have the link to the video, you need to open the FB video saver on your browser and navigate to the homepage.

On the homepage of the tool, you are going to see an empty URL box, in this box, you have to paste the copied URL.

Make sure there are no spaces in the link if you want to do a trouble-free download.

Click on the ‘Download Video’ Button

After entering the link to the video, you have to tap the ‘Download’ button that you will see right next to the input box.

The video downloader would analyze your link and would find its source.

Once it finds the video, it will ask you for the format you want to save it in, you need to select the available HD format options and start the download.

In a matter of seconds, the FB video saver can save any video you want on your device’s local storage.

The download time would certainly depend on your web connection. Well, this is how easy it is today to save a video from Facebook in Full HD quality.

Can You Download Live Streaming Videos with The Video Downloader?

A very frequently asked question by readers is whether they can save live streaming videos with the help of the best video saver for Facebook.

Well, you must know that it is not possible to save a live video from Facebook, even with a premium tool or program.

If you want to save a live video, then you first have to wait for the live stream to end.

Once the streaming ends, you can copy the URL of the video from its source and use the FB video downloader to download it on your device.

As long as you have the link to the video, reel, or any clip, you can easily download it with the FB video Downloader.

Why is Online FB video downloader a preferred choice? 5 Key Reasons

There are other ways to save videos from Facebook, like installing paid software such as IDM on your device but the most preferred method to save FB videos is by using an online FB video downloader. This is because of many reasons.

Here in this section, we have listed some salient features of FB video downloader that would tell you why they are most preferred:

  1. The FB video downloader tool is free to use. You don’t have to pay a single penny to save video content from FB anymore.
  2. The FB video downloader is a cloud-based tool. This means you can use it on any device and operating system as long as you have a browser and a stable connection. There is no need for any installation.
  3. You can download videos in your desired quality with the FB video saver. You don’t have to worry about getting blurry videos with these tools.
  4. There are no limitations to the use of an online Facebook video saver. You can save videos, stories, and reels without any restrictions.
  5. The FB video saver is efficient in its working. You can save even lengthy videos in less than minutes. This means you can save a lot of time and energy by using the online tool instead of using any other method.


In this article, we covered the solution to the problem of how you can download videos from Facebook in Full HD resolution for free.

We hope that after reading this post, you can easily save any video you want from FB in Full HD quality.

Saving videos from FB would allow you to watch them anywhere and anytime you want without worrying about the internet connection.

Also, you can save a lot of your internet data by watching videos offline instead of streaming them live or online.


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