How to Create a Web Design Which Drives Sales and Increases Engagement

Create a Web Design

Website design is the front face of your digital business. It makes the bulk of who you are or what your business is all about. Great website design can ensure your business can easily become a thriving success. Just ask a reputable web design agency and they will highlight the facts why a good web design is important for your organization’s success. When you don’t focus on the web design aspect, you eventually end up observing your business go down the drain and become a failure.

If your website has a lot of traffic, it’s evident that it will also observe a good engagement. The better it engages the customer, the greater are its chances to get you more leads and drive more sales.

Believe it or not, good web design can have a high-level impact on your buyers and sellers. According to research, people take at least 90 seconds to analyze and assess a product. A fraction of 8-10 seconds is what they spend on a website, and almost 90% check the web design. Nearly 75% will judge your brand’s personality based on the type of website design you showcase.

Are you eager to learn that your website design is creating the right impact on customers? If yes, then here are 10 aspects to pay attention to creating a thriving website design.

Adding Different Colors

Using the right color plays a significant role in establishing the right website experience for your visitors. If you have a website that uses a mix of different colors, there’s a high chance that it will attract just the right audience. Ask any website design agency, and they will tell you how simply changing the colors on a CTA button can increase the overall sale percentage.

Publishing a Product Video

A website without any product video lands relatively less sales than websites that show a promotional/explainer video. According to a recent study, a website showcasing promotional or explainer video observes a 144 percent increase in overall sales. Businesses normally showcase a product video on their website to share their stories and talk about differentiators.

Simple Site Navigation

Websites that force a user to scroll through different web pages are mostly disliked. They also don’t get favored by Google and may fall behind when it comes to ranking. Hence, while creating a website, make sure to create the important stuff in the first fold. Create a website design with simple navigation that easily allows users to find the important things right on their first page.

Better Use of White Spacing

A website that is cluttered sends a very wrong impression on your customers. It rarely gets the chance to be clicked. A cluttered website can easily make your website content all cramped up. Instead of using too many elements on your website, find a few that relate with your customers. Use those components strategically and try to fill the rest of the space with appropriate white spacing.

Identify What is Your UVP

A unique value proposition is what sets your product apart from the rest. If you aren’t clear about your unique value proposition, you have a bit of a problem. You will eventually end up with a software product that doesn’t have any specific thing to offer. Firstly, check whether your site has a UVP or not. If it does, make sure that it is apparent and obvious and you must showcase it online.

Include a Virtual Chat in your Website

A chat software offers your visitors a chance to establish a conversation with you while surfing the website. Studies indicate that people prefer to chat with a chat support representative more than they prefer to pick up a call or respond to others through emails. Even if they are not interested in having a chat, they realize the option still exists and can do so.

Use Strong Headlines in your Site Content

Start with publishing a strong headline that not only grasps the attention of your online visitors but also addresses one of their problems. After all, the purpose of having a website is to provide customers the comfort that they are there to solve their problem. Identify what your customers are worried the most about? Is it the process or the result? Shape your site content accordingly.

Use Badges to Create a Symbol of Trust

When your website has badges and certificates or awards showcased on the homepage, it becomes a trust symbol. Now, visitors coming to your website can have trust in your digital product. Publishing Testimonials from loyal customers is another way to showcase your digital product with a trustworthy name. By following such practices, you can offer a good experience.

Share Free Offers

You are planning to give away a free e-book for those who subscribe to your email newsletters? Make sure to use the term “FREE” in your content and make it loud and clear. Identify some of the reasons why people wouldn’t buy from you. Address those issues and try to explain through your website design and content on how to resolve it. Take a step ahead and offer guidance in your free e-book.

Don’t Forget A/B Testing.

Always create two variants of your website. Some things you implement are going to work; others won’t. Its why always make two variants and perform A/B testing to ensure which variant is the best for your business. For instance, check what happens if you change the CTA color from blue to green? Does it bring more customers? Or the previous one was the better option.

So there you go. Here are my 10 tips for establishing the perfect website design. Focus on these aspects to make your web design stand ahead of the competition. After all, you want to create a site design which talks business to your customers, right? Here are a few things you can do to create just the impact.


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