Learn How To Choose Contacts Matching Your Hair Colour


Getting contacts is a wonderful way to avoid bulky glasses. Fortunately, contacts come in various options in design, style look, and colour. People have different hair colour. It is always a great idea to wear coloured contacts that match your hair colour to complement your appearance. Read on to discover the right way to pick contacts that match your hair colour.

Blonde hair

There are various colours that can match blond hair to help eye shades look more vibrant. Blonde hair is best matched with blue eyes. The blue can be in light or dark shades to appear striking against a backdrop of blonde hair. A combination of blue eyes and blond hair evokes plenty of envy. Alternatively, you can choose green contacts to give you a lighter look highly effective to those with beige or pale skin tone.

This look is more pronounced with a fresh green colour compared to one with a deeper shade. Violet contacts also work well for a pretty and mystical look that will surely turn heads. Other coloured contacts to match blonde hair can include:

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Dark blue
  • Deep browns

Emerald shades and blues make a great combination of platinum blondes. Ensure that your brows are the same colour as the hair to limit mismatch. People with brown or blue eyes can opt for green shades for a highlighted look.

Black hair

Having black hair is a perfect backdrop for every eye colour. Shade makes a feature in your eyes to match perfectly regardless of colours. When to buy coloured contact lenses , opt for light or dark shades to make a perfect statement that will turn heads. For a similar effect opt for green or blue shades to perfectly match your black hair. Opting for very dark contacts creates a cohesive look that seems incredibly mysterious.

Contrast-coloured contacts match well with black hair but brown contacts give a more natural look. Purple lenses match well with cool tones of black shades. Alternatively, bright blue, purple, bright blue or related shades look well. For a more vibrant appeal opt for gray to get a different look.

Red hair

People with this hair colour look great with green contacts. The electric contrast between the shades will make your hands stand out. All shades of the green match well with red hair. However, darker tones are better suited for lighter red hair. Bright green is best suited for deep shades of red hair. Another wonderful choice for red hair is blue contacts if green is not your favourite colour. This will also create a striking contrast.

Brown hair

All other types of hair match well with contrasting colours, brown hair matches well with brown contacts. Brown shades offer a natural and highly effective look when you opt for hazel contacts. Dark shades of black or brunette emphasise warm hues. You can as well opt for very bright colors to create a very unusual combination with your brown hair. This electric look will make heads turn.

Anyone with brown hair can opt for all shades and colours when selecting contacts. This gives a more realistic and elegant look regardless of the color of your contacts. People with dark brown hair can opt for light coloured contacts in shades including honey. For brown hair with bits of red, gray coloured or hazel contacts are a great choice. You can experiment with various colours as long as they suit your skin tone as well.

All hair colors

When not in a position to search the market for contacts matching your particular hair colour, opt for circle lens. These can match any skin and hair colour. You can wear these regardless of your skin tone and hair colour. Circle contacts come with a dark brown or black ring enlargement outlining the iris. This makes the eyes look stunning and sharper. These enhancement lenses wonderfully make everyone look stunningly fabulous.

Keep this in mind

Before getting coloured contact lenses , ensure to get an eye test to get a proper prescription from the optician. This will allow knowing the type and nature of contacts appropriate for your eyes and current visual requirement. A reliable supplier of contact lenses will offer an eye exam when you book with them.

Bottom line

Wearing contacts is a convenient solution to bulky contacts. These come in a range of options to make it easier for anyone to make their choice. It is always a great idea to choose contacts matching your hair color. There are contacts for every hair color and there are also circle lenses that match any skin tone and hair colour. Fortunately, it is possible to order your contacts online and have them delivered to your doorstep. However, it is very important to go for an eye exam to determine the type of contacts appropriate for your eyes.


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