How To Choose A Suitable Power Supply For LED Lights?

Power Supply For LED Lights?

If you are planning to buy LED lights, you will need a suitable power supply. This is because LED lights should be powered by stabilized voltage sources, usually 12V or 24V. If the LED light is designed for 12V, you should use 12V sources, if the LED light is designed for 24V, you will then have to use 24V sources. But what will be the power of a suitable LED source? Can you calculate the size of the LED light? Can you choose the right power supply?

If you choose the wrong power supply, the LED system will not light up properly, it may flicker. The power supply will be damaged and the whole investment will become more expensive for you. That’s why Lepro is at your disposal to help you choose a suitable source for your strips so that your LED lamps are well powered.

Types of sources for LED ribbons and modules

The sources are distinguished exclusively according to the technical treatment and according to the output, whether they are in 12V or 24V. In fact, the technical treatment determines the type of source for different types of installations.

Here are the types of sources according to the treatment :

  • Industrial sources: adapted to the longer loads, for the industry and the commercial use.
  • Encapsulated sources: suitable for domestic installations, shelf lighting, cabinet lighting, entertainment lighting, TV backlighting, etc.
  • Sealed sources: suitable for wet environments. You can recognize a waterproof source by the IP67 marking, it cannot be permanently immersed in water, but it is resistant to moisture.
  • DIN rail power supplies: designed to be mounted in a distribution box, on a DIN rail.

Can I use one source for multiple LED strips?

The answer here is yes. Indeed, it is possible to connect several pieces of LED strip lights or so-called circuits to one source. However, you should not exceed the total power consumption of the source, that is, the LED strips should not have a higher power consumption than what the source can provide.

Remember that we always buy the source with a reserve of 20-30% of the power.

Where can I place and install the LED light source?

install the LED light

The place where you install the LED light source can affect its lifetime. Indeed, high temperatures can shorten the lifetime of a source. Also, installation in sunny places or in places where it is very hot can damage it.

Besides, weather conditions such as wind, humidity affect the source and connected wires as well as LED lamps. Therefore, when designing the lighting, also pay attention to where you prepare the sockets or installation box for the location of the source.

How big should the conductor wires from the source to the LED strip be?

The length of the conductors depends on an appropriately selected conductor diameter. In general, the longer the conductor, the larger the conductor diameter.

This is because the voltage in the conductors can drop along the entire length of the power conductor. If you want to avoid the adverse effects of the drop effect, choose not only the right length but more importantly, the right conductor diameter.

Here are some examples of sizes you can choose from:

  • 0.75 to 1 mm – cable length up to 2.5 m.
  • 2.5 mm – cable length up to 5 m.
  • 4 mm – cable length up to 7.5 m.
  • 6 mm – cable length up to 10 m.

In conclusion, the sources are differentiated according to the technical treatment and according to the output whatever the volt. To learn more, visit to know the type of source suitable for your installation.


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